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Logical Devices, Inc. provides this manual “as is” without warranty of any kind, either should not be viewed as any sort of definitive reference on the CUPL. WinCUPL is a language designed to support the development of PLDs .. into a document such as a manual and file for input into the CUPL simulator. 2. See the Atmel – WinCUPL User’s Manual for more information. Logic: examples of simple gates expressed in CUPL. */ inva =!a;.

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They can count up, count down, or count through other fixed sequences. A single octal number represents a set of three binary digits, and a single decimal or hexadecimal number represents a set of four binary digits WinCUPL User s Manual.

Change to the current date each time a source file is altered. Once the compiler options are set, the file is ready to be compiled. After Adobe made it obvious that Framemaker s days were numbered, the document was reformatted again in LaTeX 2e.

CUPL Programmer s Reference Guide – PDF

Altera s Second Generation. The levels 0 to 4 correspond to the option flags on the command line, -m0 through -m4. If you are interested in using this feature contact Atmel PLD applications. The general architectures may vary but normally consists of one or more arrays of AND and OR terms for implementing logic functions. It is also useful for keeping a separate parameter file that defines constants that are commonly used in many source specifications.


Presentation Layer The presentation layer is concerned with preserving the meaning of information sent across a network. The equation for the 3-input XOR gate is derived as follows The last four product terms in the above derivation are the four 1-minterms in the 3-input XOR truth table. Therefore, the numbers may have a value from 0 to Numbers may nanual represented in any one of the four common bases: Modeling Wincu;l Elements with Verilog Prof.

Having read this workbook you should be able to: To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

A Open PLA file filename. Binary, xe, and hexadecimal numbers can have don t care X values intermixed with numerical values Using List Notation A list is a shorthand method of defining groups of variables.

CUPL Programmer s Reference Guide

Modeling Latches and Flip-flops Lab Workbook Introduction Sequential circuits are digital circuits in which the output depends not only on the present input like combinatorial circuitsbut also on the past sequence of inputs. Programming is the process of writing a computer program in a language that the computer can manuak to More information. Having the fields set up we can now define the Table. More complex devices contain macrocells.

For 3 or more inputs, the XOR gate More information.


The following are examples of valid MIN declarations. Although LDI has gone to great effort to verify the integrity of the information herein, this publication could contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.


Logic Equation – Space for writing logic equations describing the function of the device see SecLogic Equations Header Information The header information section of the source file identifies the file for revision and archival purposes. The logical values of these binary digits are denoted by wincupk, while the corresponding More information. Mahual preset feature More information.

Modular programs Programming style Data types Arithmetic operations Variables and declaration statements Common. TFB extension is used when the macrocell on an Atmel device is configured for a combinatorial ce but the T register still remains connected to the output. Every effort has been made to accurately reproduce the contents of the HLP file. A bit field declared as [A This feature is available on the ATF family of devices with or more macrocells.

These functions permit More information. Simple Gates Example 2: Modeling Sequential Elements with Verilog. Foundations and the Board Game Counter 9 days 1.

When a variable list is used, the expression is assigned to each variable in the list. Combinatorial Logic – is any combination of logic gates usually AND-OR that produces an output signal that is valid Tpd propagation delay time nsec after any of the signals that drive these manua, changes. A bit field containing A2 and B2 will assign both of these variables to the same bit position.