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MagicCN Store Juan Tamariz – Los Cinco Puntos Magicos [ljl2ba7gjt28] – Hello friend,Your order is a digital download magic product,send via Los Cinco Puntos Magicos formato: 16×24 cm. páginas. En tus manos tienes un texto “Gran Reserva” de Publicado originalmente en. Juan Tamariz, qui fait autorité dans le monde de la magie, synthétise la façon de s’exprimer dans ce domaine à travers le regard, la voix, les mains, le corps et.

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The Magic Cafe Forums – New books from Juan Tamariz!

Do you know if these will be printed in English at any time soon?? Sonata is a must for card lovers.

For Spanish readers, Paginas just released 2 new books from the Maestro Juan Tamariz available at http: Nov 3, I am a huge fan of Juan’s work. I would have to do a lot of dishes for this favor But then I would have to constantly be asking her to read me the next item.


Nov 2, Y todo ello Por Arte de Verbimagia. Tamariz,s Verbimagia is a new book, and its origin is a radio program where Tamariz did tricks to the audience such as phone tricksand they are based in self-working principles i.

In other post I,ll review a few more details. This page was created in 0. Verbimagia, is a totally new book.

In the finish pages, there is an important bibliograph about not only magic, but psicology, theater, And thank you for the information on the Tamariz books. Includes a CD with the radio programs. Nov 5, I don’t know if format book is updated, and I think there is a french version. My wife is fluent in Spanish, and is also a magician so I could get them in Spanish. Hands Poker Points 4 and 5: I have The 5 Points and would like to get Sonata.

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magicis Any of you has a review to publish? Mike Mike Magivos http: Interesting thoughts about the Tamariz perpendicular control, Faros and anti faros, and great tricks as the Hypnotical power of the Jokers Tamariz version of Everywhere and nowhereTotal coincidence one of the strongest effect you may have with 2 decks, etc I,ve got the previous Five points in Magic in conference notes format, and introduce five aspects of the human body in order to build the appropiate misdirection eyes, hands, body moves, The 5 magic points 5 puntos magicos is jut a new release of an old book tamraiz Tamariz where he basically explains the role of the whole body in misdirection, each part illustrated by a trick as Manos frias explained.


Mike Powers Inner circle Midwest Posts. Are these new books that have not been in print before??

Los Cinco Puntos Magicos formato: Nov 1, I’m glad you are enjoying Power Plays. What are these books that are under discussion here?? Nov 4,