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Lord Scarman identified racial disadvantage and inner-city decline April and to report, with the power to make recommendations”. inquiry and Scarman report in and the Lawrence inquiry and Macpherson .. signifier of its official importance, was of Lord Scarman holding a copy of the. Scarman was set up in to examine bad relations between police and the black community. Next week sees the release of the Lawrence inquiry report. one of the members of the panel of inquiry, Sir Herman Ouseley.

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Among those who can fully empathise with black Britons, and be their advocate at the highest levels, are John Sentamu, Bishop of Stepney, one of the members of the panel of inquiry, Sir Herman Ouseley, chair of the Commission for Racial Equality CREand Paul Boateng, the Home Office minister responsible for police policy. However, I confess that I also find contradictions in it. The police did that in Handsworth and cut the rate of mugging by half.

The Home Secretary knows as well as anybody that the Police Scarmah and the police force as a whole are a powerful body, and necessary to a Home Secretary who has not yet finished his tenure of office and still wants to do things which he has previously been unable to do. Community policing would be better and not 191 effective policing. Will my right hon. The essence of success is a speedy answer. Whatever else we learn from the report, we learn a good deal about Lord Scarman.

Nor, as it has made quite clear, is the Select Committee recommending that. Thereby it prevents them from slipping into an enclosed fortress of inward thinking and social isolation”. What matters is the number of white racists who are allowed to get away with such discrimination, and the number of us who let them do loed.

It has a great number of those in Parliament Street. That is exactly what my hon. I should like, in particular, to underline the good work scarmann all those in Lambeth who have worked patiently from the time of the disturbances in Brixton to re-establish liasion between the police and the community.


I repeat my remarks during the debate on the disorders on 16 July. That is why many areas have managed to increase the numbers of black policemen in their police forces.

I regard that proposal as right and necessary in every way. There could be a day when a Labour Party march is stopped. We cannot tell the police that they must use kid gloves when tackling the problem. The committee, set up by the right hon.

Scarman Report

By the end of October this year there wereincluding in the Metropolitan Police. He gave no sign that there would be any more money. Of course I wish racially prejudiced behaviour to be an offence if it is carried out by any public servant.

Scarman recommended changes in training and law enforcement, and the recruitment of more ethnic minorities into the police force. He then made a more specific comment about the effects of unemployment. We need to look closely at why candidates from the ethnic minorities have dificulty with the entrance test. Retrieved 28 December Friends should vote this evening.

As a Birmingham Member, I know a little more than the hon. Again, we must realise that the major problem in most of our cities is not even xcarman inner city or the middle city, but the vast, soulless council estates.

Scarman Report | British history |

I do not to want to dig up stones to discover what happened in the past, but there are one or two issues that I must mention. I must add, however, that I cannot endorse an automatic penalty of dismissal.

That must be wrong by any standards. Member for Birmingham, Sparkbrook Mr. It is the lor of the police to deal with crime, and it has been my commitment as Home Secretary to help the police improve their effectiveness, for peaceful streets and an effective police service are what all law-abiding citizens want, whatever their ethnic group. I know that it is far from easy to know who speaks for communities. If the system of regulations that many of us wish to see is introduced and provides for appeal, it may be justiciable.


I hope relort as the Minister of State warms to his winding-up he will tell us whether the two prospects can be divided and if, in supporting one—as I think the Home Secretary did in words as warm as any that he used for the proposals—the lay visiting proposals can be successfully accomplished without a statutory code of investigation.

The disorders were communal disturbances. Recently, a meat firm was hauled over the coals by the Commission for Racial Equality for not taking on three people who could not read. Member for Sparkbrook in one respect. I welcome the examination of this subject by the Select Committee on Home Affairsto which both I and my Department are ready to give evidence.

My noble and right hon. Reports of the United Kingdom government Brixton. It was not clear from his speech whether he supports the first and the second. It is the main aim of my right hon. It is legitimate 191 ask in all seriousness how one can compel the police to consult local politicians who are fanatical Marxists, pro- IRA and anti-police.

It is continually said that the public demand a reform of the procedure for complaints against the police and people are beginning to believe that it is true, but I have not seen any solid evidence that the public strongly back reforms in that procedure. We called for the debate today to press home that point, and to emphasise it llrd intend to divide the House. It is just 15 days since Lord Scarman ‘s report was published and was welcomed on both sides of the House.

Some years ago I went to see the then Home Secretary when the legislation for investigating complaints was being introduced.