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Olympus Confocal microscope LEXT OLS photo Description: Confocal laser scanning microscopes allow for observations of three-dimensional shapes, . Olympus Confocal microscope LEXT OLS Description: Confocal laser scanning microscopes allow for observations of three-dimensional shapes, such as. The Olympus LEXT OLS laser scanning confocal microscope, noncontact, nondestructive 3D observations and measurements are easy to produce. Simply .

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Surface roughness of zipper poly bag fastener rails.

Surface roughness measurement of the cam lobe of a camshaft. The simple analysis function measures the step, line width, surface roughness, area, and volume only in the specified measurement areas. Olympus has made the LEXT brand the focus of its efforts to meet lfxt requirements by developing laser scanning microscopes that combine enhanced ease of use with improved visibility. Thanks to exclusive Olympus optical technology and improved software algorithms, the LEXT OLS also has the superior height measurement repeatability.

Request a Demo Test your application. News Bulletin all divisions. Conduct the inspection and take measurements. Measurement of the surface roughness in the specified region.

Magnification power from x to 14,x satisfies the lexr of researchers working between the limits of conventional optical microscopes and scanning electron microscopes SEM. While maintaining the excellent performance of its predecessor, the LEXT OLS is even revolutionarily easier to operate with a “single click” concept. Ideal 3D imaging achievable with a single click.


Olympus LEXT OLS3100 Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

Roughness measurement of an engine valve face using a laser microscope. Evaluation of the Inner Surface of Cylinder Liners. Measuring the Thickness of Photoresist Film. Industrial-leading resolution and repeatability for extremely reliable measurement data A specially developed nm violet optical system maintains the industrial-leading horizontal resolution by minimizing the optical aberrations that tend to occur with short-wavelength light rays. Easy to operate Just place your sample and press the Start button.

Alternative Materials for Alternative Energy. Evaluating Sample Preparation of Stone Tools: Measuring the volume of adhesive drops.

Subscribe to the Olympus IMS Newsletter, an e-newsletter that will keep you posted lect special offers, new products, or applications. Band scan 1-line data acquisition. Details of Main Features. Activate both with a single click.

Surface profile measurement of oil seals using a laser microscope.

LEXT OLS Industrial Laser Confocal Microscopes – Olympus 3D Laser Measuring Solution

This new system represents a major step forward in the reliability of measuring systems. Videos Metal Industry Inspection Solutions video. Please choose your areas of interest. Measuring the shape of scratches on let camera lenses. Data acquisition that’s four times faster than our previous model delivers a significant boost to productivity.


The LEXT OLS combines a nm laser with optics specifically designed for operation at the wavelength to optimize image quality and limit aberrations.

This site uses cookies to enhance performance, analyze traffic, and for ads measurement purposes. Longer working distance for lrxt samples Measure samples that are up to mm tall. In both cases, all you have to do is place the sample on the stage.

Olympus Lext OLS3100 Manuals

Market growth in related industrial sectors is generating more needs for three-dimensional micro-metrology os3100 Advances in technology over the past few years have meanwhile raised the standard of quality management required. This new system improves the efficiency of the 3D observation and metrology. Solutions Metal Industry Inspection Solutions. Details of Main Features 1.