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I was one of those blessed by having this set while I was still a boy.

LEGO Launch & Load Seaport Set 6542 Instructions

The box shown below is the blue version and have a giant flap with a plastic tray inside. When I was a child I want this very much, but I have never buy.

As an added bonus, the 8 hinged doors can open to reveal a large cargo area below deck! The containers need to leho removed for the area to be accessed. A relatively simple and ingenious way to keep the containers in position yet easy enough for the removal of the containers.

Each 4×8 stud container represents a Twenty-foot-equivalent TEU 66542 which is commonly used in the shipping industry. It was am immerse project to undertake; in some Towns it was the largest project the local LG has ever undertaken. Notice the ship is secured to the dock using the rope and hook. Pilot Boat The pilot boat meanwhile is a 6 stud wide jet boat made of mostly blue bricks. Thanks for the Great review paanjang16!

Red ladder pieces protect the 4 wheels which instructione the crane to traverse the length of the dock. This is by far my favorite set as a child and I have it dissasembled somewhere. Minifigures In this massive set we get 7 minifigures, 2 of them with life jacket. The most desired LEGO town set since my childhood even now and one of the greatest classic town sets in my opinion! After waiting almost 2 decades, my dream set has finally arrive! Below is a combo picture showing the the trailer with the landing gear in position and the trailer connected levo the prime mover via the fifth wheel.


Two weeks later he came back for a friend’s wedding 2 weeks before Chinese New Year, so my ang pow came early! One of the containers carries a large V8 engine I remember this came out during my dark instructoins.

First of all, amazing review. There are rails on both side of the dock to allow the container crane to traverse the dock. BTW, who voted above average? The pilot boat starts with the bottom plates and bricks to create the hull.

Two ships, a large dock, the dock pieces in here are the best IMO when it comes to creating a harbortwo vehicles, 5 containers, a greatly designed movable crane and 7 minifigs. It cannot float unlike the container ship due to gaps between the bricks in the hull. However for this review I am showing both at the same time to reduce the number of photos required.

Under the bridge is an empty inaccessible compartment that is surrounded by windows.

The mid-section of the ship can be opened to allow access into the hull. You might need sensitive inwtructions to let the rope through the wheels on the claw. Fortunately I can erase the studio lines.

Instructions for – Launch & Load Seaport |

The boom gate is operated with a telephone dial and have red lights. Like its real-life counterpart, the trailer can carry either 2 nos of 4×8 stud container 2 nos of TEUs or 1 nos of 4×16 stud container 1 nos of Forty-foot container or FEU. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Today in Lego City, a launch and load facility specializing in standard 4×8 containers has been in operation for almost 2 decades since Removing the containers shows the raise portion plates on the floor of the container deck where the containers rest.


Links Brickset Peeron Bricklink My photobucket The box The box shown below 652 the blue version and have a giant flap with a plastic tray inside. This is because alot of the features mimics the operation of an actual container terminal such as the pilot boat, the container crane and the dock itself.

The price was right, I have a friend working in Singapore, 1 friend with a paypal 652 to help me buy, so I instantly ordered it!! Instructlons port is highly efficient and well equipped with its own pilot, container crane, docks, security and on-site container delivery and storage. I wasn’t even ten when I first saw this amazing set in Lego catalogue. A instructiions design consideration when TLG designed the trailer is to allow both the rear wheels to touch the ground even when the trailer is lifted or when insrructions is going up the steep ramp of the dock.