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Lasia spinosa THW. (Araceae) Vernacular name: phak naam. Common name: lasia (English) Herb, cm high, leaf stalk thorny. Leaves rosette, simple. Scientific Name: Lasia spinosa (L.) Thwaites. Taxonomic Notes: Lasia spinosa also has its synonyms such as Draconitum spinosum or Lasia aculeata. Accepted . Scientific name: Lasia spinosa *. Previous name used in the website: Synonyms: Family name: ARACEAE. English name: Lasia. Local name: Kohila / Maha.

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Perianth segmentsobovate, tips incurved. Can include ecosystem services. Fruit a cluster of six-sided, obpyramidal berries with warted or muricate tips.

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Population size is treated under Population Biology, and trends in population sizes are treated under Trends. Stamensfilaments short, flat. Assam Indian S;inosa Assam.


Seed ovoid-cordate, mm. Now containing plants. It includes published material or suggestions from the author or others.

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Sacred groves are tracts of virgin forest with rich biodiversity, as they have been protected for c Aroids of Papua New Guinea. Leaf petioles are eaten cooked as vegetable; flower spadix also eaten cooked as vegetable. Swamps, riverbanks, ditches, moist places in tropical and subtropical forests, sometimes cultivated along fish ponds and rice fields; below m.

Lasia spinosa

Remember me Forgot password? Describes the likelihood of the species becoming extinct in the present day or in the near future. Does not include altitudinal distribution, which is covered under Habitat.

Powered by the open source Biodiversity Informatics Platform. This page was last edited on 16 Octoberat It occurs in swamps, riverbanks, ditches, moist places in tropical and subtropical forests.

Enumerates geographic entities where the taxon lives.

In addition to the botanical information the flora also gives basic information on habitat and some uses. Although there is no detailed information about global population trend, it covers an extensive geographic range and seems to be common in a wide range of habitats.


The lasoa had been growing them for their edible young leaves. Terrestrial; Freshwater List of Habitats: Uses and Management Uses and Management Uses. Bulletin du Jardin Botanique de Buitenzorg 1: Views Read Edit View history.

Lasia spinosa – Useful Tropical Plants

Stem long creeping and stoloniferous, erect or ascending, ca. Downloaded on 19 October Related observations Show all. Search in all groups Search within this group.

Least Concern ver 3. Encyclopedia of Life EOL. Occurrence Occurrence Occurrence Records.