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PDF | On Jan 1, , Olivier LESIEUTRE and others published Protection cathodique des aciers dans le béton armé par courant imposé sur. La présente invention porte sur un système de protection cathodique par courant imposé (ICCP) pour structure de béton en mer. Le système ICCP comprend. De plus, Techno Protection fabrique et distribue une vaste gamme de produits tels que des redresseurs de courant, des anodes (de magnésium, de zinc et de.

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Arrangement of the electrodes for an electrical logging system for determining the prohection resistivity of a subsurface formation. Country of ref document: Composite anode, electrolyte pipe section, and method of making and forming a pipeline, and applying cathodic protection to the pipeline.

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Système Anticorrosion – Protection Cathodique – Techno Protection

Method and apparatus for transmitting information between equipment at the bottom of a drilling or production operation and the surface. Kind code of ref document: Axial current meter for in-situ continuous monitoring of corrosion and cathodic protection current.

System for inhibiting corrosion of submerged components in a marine propulsion system.

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Cathodic protection of a concrete structure having a part in contact with a wetting medium and a part above the medium. EP Kind code of ref document: Effectiveness of a conductive cementitious mortar anode for cathodic protection of steel in concrete. Apparatus for measuring the deformation and stress condition of the string of casing of drilled oil wells. CA CAA1 fr Method for controlling end effect on anodes used for cathodic protection and other applications.