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KEENSERTS® threaded inserts are the perfect solution to prevent threads from .. this catalog represent only a selection from our entire product portfolio. Alcoa Fastening Systems KEENSERT products are available from MARYLAND METRICS . from catalog) + if protrusion through underside is permissible. KEYSERT® and KEENSERT®. Thread Repair Inserts. The Solid Alternative for Thread Repair. Designed to repair damaged threads or for use in original.

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All dimensions are specified in mm. Keenserts Installation Tooling Camloc’s range of Keensert installation tools ensure quick, easy and secure installation of each insert. Used in applications which require a strong, permanent metal thread in soft materials keenesrt as aluminum.

Benefits Robust, long-lasting, quality tooling Provides quick, easy and safe installation Ensures maximum installation integrity Buy Keenserts Online. High-performance solutions from KVT-Fastening are found wherever absolutely safe and secure connections are essential. Drilling and tapping can be done without any specialist equipment, just standard drills and taps. Typically used in applications that are prone to certain levels of vibration which request keenesrt safety.

Installation Information Each tool has notches where the protruding insert kees fit so as to catxlog effective winding in of the Keensert. These small but extremely resilient components play key roles where it matters most — whether in the electronics and energy sector, the automotive and transportation industries, aviation and aerospace, engineering and construction, precision engineering, or medical equipment.


For more information about Camloc Keensert and Keensert Installation Tooling, please view the Camloc catalogue or contact us through the enquiry form. Tool Installation Tool for threaded inserts with 2 or 4 key locks Installation 1.

Special keys lock the Keensert into place, eliminating rotation. The Online Industrial Exhibition. The products included in this catalog represent only a selection from our entire product portfolio.

Open the catalog to page 5. Mechanical engineering Automotive Electrical engineering Energy Precision engineering Fluid power Transportation Off-shore and Marine Medical equipment Aviation and aerospace Construction industry Watch manufacturing industry www.

Keenserts® Inserts and Studs

Typically used in applications keensrrt as; aluminium gear box, aluminum frame, armunition tankdoor frames on trains made from aluminium. Used in applications which require isolation of the screw from other assembly elements of the application.

Will ensure that dust and other foreign objects will not contaminate the assembly part. Once the Keensert is fully wound in, the installation tool can be pulled back and turned 45 degrees, so the kees are situated between the notches, and driven down through the threads of the cwtalog material, mechanically locking it into place.

Open the catalog to page 4.

KEENSERT by Camloc

Typically used in applications such as electronic circuitry. KVT-Fastening — Fastening technology Blind rivet nuts Blind rivet technology Thread inserts Self-clinching fasteners Lock nuts Bonding fasteners Access solutions Quick fastening elements and clips Quick release pins and spring plungers Fastening, sealing and flow control solutions for complex applications Installation technology The extensive KVT-Fastening portfolio offers optimal solutions for your most challenging applications.


Upon request, we will be pleased to provide additional information Defect threads can be renewed with same nominal diameter. Each tool has notches where the protruding insert kees fit so as to enable effective winding in of the Keensert.

Easy to install – no special taps required and no tangs to keensert. Open the catalog to page KVT-Fastening does not just supply standard products and individual components, but also cata,og close and active customer support in the search keensedt ideal solutions, particularly when specific requirements Used in applications which require a locking torque for the screw. Material Stainless steel 1. Open oeensert catalog to page 3. Significantly increases load capability in weaker materials.

Typically used in applications for aerospace and military. The center of excellence for highperformance fastening technology KVT-Fastening is an expert for high-quality fastening applications and offers engineering solutions based on the wide product portfolio of the leading manufacturers in the market. Camloc’s range of Keensert installation tools ensure quick, easy and secure installation of each insert.