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Willumsen, Noah () Reading Kafka: Or, If You Find the Odradek, Kill It. Undergraduate Thesis, University of Pittsburgh. (Unpublished). Some say the word odradek comes from the Slavonic and look for the word’s derivation If Kafka had been a revolutionary, he would have made suppositories. “The Cares of a Family Man” by Franz Kafka is all about Odradek (a pool of thread), an inanimate object that has taken on a personality of its.

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Despite appearances, this is not the case. The uncertainty of both interpretations allows odraadek to assume with justice that neither is accurate, especially as neither of them provides an intelligent meaning of the word.

Because it is unintelligible without reference to our own body, the sentence does not allow us the distanced reading that the narrator invites. This article possibly contains original research.

Worries of a Family Man

Anything that dies has had some kind of aim in life, some kind of activity, which has worn out; but that does not apply to Odradek.

Nevertheless, the story’s last passage and its concern with “my children’s children”, the object’s apparent lack of purpose, the ephemeral qualities of Odradek, the religious symbolism of the transverse rod and the star shape, and the mention of death in the last line of the story provide textual evidence for associations of Odradek to religion, or at least cultural traditions.

Can odradsk possibly die? January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Of course, you put no difficult questions to him, you treat him – he is so diminutive that you cannot help it – rather like a child.

The relation between the narrator a family man, a father and the creature could be this whole: Can he even die?


This is an opinion shared by Heinz Politzer when he states that Kafka’s absurdist writing emphasizes the meaninglessness of its subjects’ lives. Check date values in: The ULS Office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing fosters and supports new modes of publishing and information-sharing among researchers. Retrieved from ” https: Through an analysis of Emrich’s reading of “Die Sorge des Hausvaters,” I will show that this self-allegorizing route, too, is insufficient.

The story, which is in the first-person narrative told entirely by the family man mentioned in the title, begins odradfk discussing the etymological disparities associated with the word Odradek [2]:. The uncertainty of both interpretations allows one to assume with justice that neither is accurate, especially as neither of them provides an intelligent meaning of the word.

Kafma the story, the narrator provides an extensive analysis of Odradek, attempting to emphasize how the object has taken on a life of its own, displaying life like qualities and traits, as well as his silent relationship with the object. The narrator hopes that by discovering the meaning of the name, they will be able to clarify its purpose and origin, yet conclude that none of these derivations, either German nor Slavic, can produce a sensible meaning of the word. He lurks by turns in the garret, the stairway, the lobbies, the entrance hall.

The smile before the useless and obsolete odrafek is one of superiority. The story deals with the narrators attempt to make sense of the only additional character, Odradek, and gives a detailed description of the creature in the second paragraph:.

Others again believe it to be of German origin, only influenced by Slavonic. He is the extreme image of liberty amidst the effort required akfka propriety; a perfection neglected but perfectly safe, since it is made of parts that nobody wants; a lumpenproletariat without hunger and without fear of the police.

Many a odrdaek when you go out of the door and he happens just to be leaning directly beneath you against the banisters you feel inclined to speak to him. In Freud’s theory of repression, an unacknowledged trauma surfaces as unconscious associations and neuroses, which affect thought, memory and dreams.


The Odradek – The Museum of Imaginary Beings

The uncertainty of both interpretations permits one to conclude that neither applies, particularly since neither leads to a meaning for the word. From the perspective of Marxist literary criticism the story might be a critique of Capitalism in its last stage. Notify me of new posts via email. Non applicable Other names: The narrative then begins to seem intentional; there is a strategy in its sensible, descriptive gesture.

Reading Kafka: Or, If You Find the Odradek, Kill It – [email protected]

I will focus on “Die Sorge des Hausvaters” as a case study, though I will also touch on Die Verwandlung”Von den Kqfka and the aphorisms. The Complete Stories [New York: According to Meksin, Odradek represents a rupture between the world of the family man and some other transcendent realm.

Inthe story appeared in Ein Ofradek. According to this school of thought, what hurts is not being a family man, but being mortal.

Reading Kafka: Or, If You Find the Odradek, Kill It

The fact is mentioned as though it were one more piece of thread on the spool. Using Kafka’s aphorisms, I will argue that an interpretation of his works must deal only with their sensus literalis. It sounds rather like the rustling odravek fallen leaves.

Others think it comes from the German, only being influenced by the Slavonic.