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The Ending of Time has ratings and 26 reviews. Timothy said: Dialogs between David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti, enjoyable and provoking on the nature of. KRISHNAMURTI: How shall we start? I would like to ask if humanity has taken a wrong turn. DAVID BOHM: A wrong turn? Well it must have done so, a long time. The Ending of Time Chapter 11 18th September Conversation with Prof. David Bohm ‘The Ending of `psychological’ Knowledge’. KRISHNAMURTI: What.

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May we go on? They talk about life from two different perspectives and come to the same conclusions.

This dialogue has unsuspected depths, not in the usual sense of the word “depth” but almost opens perceptions to milky way and beyond, if one doesnt pull back in fear. Somebody might argue with you about that and say that maybe you are not challenged with something.

I am really deeply involved in what you are saying, but krishnamufti the flame isn’t lit; all the fuel is there, but the fire krishmamurti not.

The Ending of Time (Dialogue): J. Krishnamurti, David Bohm: : Books

Human beings are drowned by their problems: We said the other day that the wall hte be broken down through insight – if insight does not become translated into an idea. A problem would be something that is reasonably solvable.

And neither would the so-called religious people. Suppose someone has this peculiar compassion, how can he communicate it Lo me, if I am living in pleasure and all that?

In a way, we do have knowledge, because we have seen that this whole structure of psychological knowledge makes no sense, that it is inconsistent and has no meaning. It seems like it. Actually jiddu means to take pains.

A great read for anyone interested in revealing answers to those big questions that everyone of us asks from time to time, regarding life, the universe and whatever is in between. But cleansing that word, is love the factor that will break through this clever analytical approach? Theory – when somebody comes along and says, hime is real meditation.


The classic dialogue between Krishnamurti and Bohm. In an ancient church, or cathedral, you feel extraordinarily quiet.

Also whether it can have its own order – an order not introduced by thought, effort or any endeavour to put things in their proper place. I have been watching for many years people attempting to become free from certain things. Buy the selected items together This item: One wants pleasure all the time.

Is it the deep rooted anxiety, the longing to be totally secure? Said another way, Krishnamurti makes it clear that it is essential to look inside ourselves if we are to understand the world as a whole. Now without making attention itself into a problem, what do we mean by it?

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David Bohm largely played my role, the student. For example, there are now far lrishnamurti nations in the world than there used to be, and each one creates new problems. You see it can all become mechanical.

Enjoy an enlightening conversation. The stage is never set we just dive right in and some particulars were specific enough that a explanatory footnote would have been helpful.

I realize I must let go the accumulated, psychological knowledge – which is divisive, destructive and petty – but I can’t. But I think that, in the terms of this discussion, we ourselves don’t create this; we don’t impose this order, but rather it is natural.

Let’s go into kf. Anyone with a similar appreciation for Krishnamurti please contact me. I found it hard going at times, but not tedious, as the texts are word for word transcripts of exploratory conversations, and as such are not edited for clarity, but left in their natural state, so the whole thing relies on the participants ability to ov themselves coherently.

Penetrating dialogues between the great spiritual leader and the renowned physicist shed light on fundamental questions of existence. Is there any way of communicating, for one who is open, but not through words?


It may be a non-verbal state I wonder if there is another factor, another way of endint, which isn’t based on words, knowledge, explanations and reward and punishment. That is a superficial explanation, I know. Is listening difficult because in this there is no shadow of pleasure?

And insight into this whole business brings about a mutation in the cells. This book is an unhinged conversation between an ageing Krishnamurthy and David Bohm regarding the nature of thought and breaking from preconceived patterns which hold the mind a prisoner to the need for identification with something larger i.

Though we still have the time of the watch This is the root of it, you understand?

There is no movement. But let’s try to clarify it a little. It goes with a religious mind in a sense that it is diligence in its action, its thoughts and so on, but it is still limited. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

But we re talking about problems of relationships, problems of lack of freedom, this sense of constant uncertainty and fear, the struggle to work for a livelihood for the rest of one’s life. We have done that, Sir. I am not bothered. There is a chasm here that they struggle to find a way to cross that is sometimes difficult to read. There is no pleasure, no reward, no punishment. If I reach something it is still the past.

This book maybe a little overwhelming for someone who hasn’t read him before. Even the perception of order may be stronger than pleasure.