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The Cosmic Serpent has ratings and reviews. D.M. said: Jeremy Narby’s Cosmic Serpent is a densely academic book that is 50% footnotes. This not. Swiss-Canadian anthropologist Dr Jeremy Narby argues in his book, The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge, that the twin. This adventure in science and imagination, which the Medical Tribune said might herald “a Copernican revolution for the life sciences,” leads the reader.

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He goes to great lengths to provide evidence for the very extraordinary claims made here, but the evidence is so fraught with confirmation bias, simple misunderstandings of science, and giant leaps in logical thinking that by the point I gave up on it, I felt like I should have been keeping track of all the faulty evidence and logic throughout just to try and keep away from the later conclusions that rested on those nargy problems. However, as a geneticist researcher myself, I have to say that Narby is an excellent anthropologist but a dirt poor biologist.


The Cosmic Serpent

Jan 31, Nxrby Martinez rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: So, yes, in at least one important way, the living world is inherently symbolic.

Could it be that the true knowledge of the world is hiding from us? Claude Levi-Strauss showed in his book, The Savage Mind, that human beings fosmic been carefully observing nature and endlessly testing hypotheses for at least 10, years. Intelligence in Nature which is not quite as One of My Landmark books: This is the kind of book that can be an eye-opener. He then goes on to list some of the more amazing facts about DNA.

The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby | : Books

While many in the tje world have scoffed at his theories, Jeremy Narby has succeeded at least in throwing a monkey wrench in the the more-myth-than-truth paradigm of science and has opened the door for inquiry into what may prove to be the future of human knowledge.


The Cosmic Serpent is a wonderful read! Almost half the book is made up of end notes and bibliography, and Dr.

I eagerly anticipated this book as I had heard it mentioned as a classic on Ayahuasca and as a good reference point in a number of other books and Ayahuasca and shamanism.

Narby’s intellectual journey begins in the forests of the Peruvian Amazon, where he worked with the Ashaninca people for many years, and moves through research in anthropology and molecular biology. But according to scientists, the fact that Amazonians have taught themselves how to do this is pure luck. Jan 20, Jacob rated it did not like it. Jeremy Narby was doing anthropology field work with a community in the Peruvian Amazon called the Quirishari in the mids. View all 4 comments. Now, for what I didn’t care for: Anyways, still worth a read though.

Jul 24, Nadine May rated it really liked it Shelves: It was a similar process when a Catholic priest first suggested the “big bang” as first cause of the universe.

The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge by Jeremy Narby

We are made of living language. Narby’s contribution is nraby make a bridge between the two ways of knowing. I like how he tries to find evidentiary support for all of his claims.

DNA and the Origins of Knowledge. Also, DNA is from space and is consciously controlling the course of evolution. I like that he framed his theory in the context of a story.

The reflex jersmy towards non-western thinking is pejorative, and the repeated testimonies of indigenous experts are scorned or disbelieved, even though they are, in effect, graduates of “indigenous universities” some 5, years old. I can’t say I’m convinced but it is an interesting idea. This experience allows them to select plants and processes that can heal, can discriminate between specific uses, with no trial and error experimentation.


Meanwhile, a cognitive psychologist called Benny Shanon is writing a book about ayahuasca; his work deserves attention. Exactly the right balance between scholarship and accessibility. Nor does he rely except but for nraby fraction of the book on his own experience with Ayahuasca, which is very limited, and one of the few things that I would have like This was a winner.

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Religion, Science, Evolution, Physics, Cosmology, the Supern A brilliant and thought-provoking book that argues that perhaps the drug-induced trances of an Amazonian tribe and their creation myths are somehow related to modern genetics.

By the end of the book, the author finally sheds his anthropologist jwremy and fully accepts the native perspective on the nature of seroent world where plants and animals speak with their human counterparts in altered states of reality induced by ayahuasca and shamanic practices.

Trivia About The Cosmic Serpen Each successive chapter makes a wilder claim, and as they say, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Sep 06, Jamie rated it really liked it Shelves: The cosmic serpent was entertaining while it was informative. Cosmkc also spend time with my children, and with children in my community as a soccer coachI look after the plants in my garden, without using pesticides and so on.

I realize this was published two decades ago and the study of biology doesn’t stand still, so evidence used by Narby e.