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The Plains of Passage, Part 1 of 2 has ratings and 20 reviews. Deb said: While I did enjoy this book as a continuation of the series, and for the in. Jean M. Auel’s enthralling Earth’s Children® series has become a literary phenomenon, beloved by readers around the world. In a brilliant. The Plains of Passage. Edit · Classic editor · History · Talk (0) .. References Edit. ↑ Map of The Ukraine from the book ‘The Mammoth Hunters’ by Jean Auel.

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The Plains of Passage, Part 1 of 2

As I said, you could go for pages withouth anything significant happened, and then when something did, It was just I enjoyed it and found it a fun story. Tallgrass grew in selected areas of ample moisture, which also contained a great diversity of other plants.

Whatever awaited her, whatever passave people were like, she would have nothing else; only her memories… and the future. Afterwards, the men demanded retribution. Earlier Wolf had quivered with excitement at the sound of wolf howls and then run off. Jondalar is captured and is confined with the other men. She felt the man stir and then roll over, keeping his arm around her waist.

The Plains of Passage

Then we won’t need to take the time to hunt down one of those others. Ayla helped Cavoa to deliver her twin babies just before continuing on the Journey. I hope Jondalar is strong enough to stand up for the woman he loves. I or the scenery-describing, which can be quite lengthy, and go to the parts with people and action. Where did you get that, Wolf?

Jan 03, Margitte rated it it was amazing Shelves: However, the couple still managed to put pasage a good fight, and with the help of Jondalar jewn Ayla, the band was routed and sent back to the Losadunai. Jondalar looked more closely at the gigantic bulls, who had also retreated from Ayla’s hazing, and then at the young one passag the ground. Eventually, if he didn’t break them, they would form a great circle with their tapered ends crossing in front.


Jondalar declines the offer, giving as excuse his desire to have the lead mystic of his people search for and help his deceased brother cross over to the other side.

He also wanted the two lame boys to learn a skill. Or, if Auel chose different words or scenes and did not repeat this many times, it may be the translators? It’s easy to eat cold roast along the way.

They stayed close to the ground with most of the growth underneath, and vigorously sent out new shoots, especially in times of drought. When it was accidentally revealed that Doraldo had been killed while attempting to force a Clan woman, Dolando’s rage began to soften.

This one was a relief from the third book, The Mammoth Hunters which I found to be full of “Oh, come on! They had given some to the Lion Camp and other Mamutoi, but still had many left.

The Plains of Passage (Earth’s Children, #4) by Jean M. Auel

I confess to getting very curious over whether any of these medicenes and foods would really work and taste good. Ayla suddenly shivered and felt a strange sensation deep in her bones.

Ayla felt delightful shocks of excitement, and she closed her eyes as she gave herself up to them. They traverse a vast continent, difficult and treacherous, but pristine and breathtakingly beautiful, full of enchantment. Admittedly the novel jeah slow during the first half, but I understand how challenging it is to write a fast-paced adventure when two people are traveling across mostly empty territory. First of all, it seems that Jean Auel couldn’t come up with ideas for this book. Shamud had died during the previous winter.

The Plains of Passage | Earth’s Children | FANDOM powered by Wikia

In the middle things get kind of exciting when they meet a tribe of man hating women, but then they solve the problem and move on. I know I will never see Durc again. He held his great domed head high, displaying his proud coils of ivory to best advantage.


Bryan Wiederhold rated it it was amazing Mar 15, She learned several legends from Losaduna and a way to make soap from rendered fat, wood ash, and water. Jondalar and Ayla visited the Lanzadonii led by Dalanar for a few days. The woman’s mate leapt from a high rock to defend her, breaking his right leg. As Ayla and Jondalar continue their journey they run into those same young men who have attacked a Clan flathead man o woman.

Diane rated it it was amazing Jan 13, Wherever they set up camp, he defined it as his territory and took it upon himself to defend it. His hearth son, Doraldohad been killed by flatheads, and he harbored an intense, irrational hatred of them. Again, they are warmly welcomed and treated well. Too bad the first half of the book was very predictable and boring. Jan 24, Tracy rated it really liked it Shelves: Jondalar blamed her for the mistreatment of the men; One Who Served should not abuse her position.

You could say that he does change in this book, that he goes from cringing about “Flatheads” to acknowledging the Clan people as being humans. I think that’s why men want to put their organs in that place where babies come from, and why women want them to.

Ayla heard the whistle of an object moving rapidly through the air nearby.