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Querelle of Brest [Jean Genet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Querelle is regarded by many critics as Jean Genet’s highest achievement in the novel–certainly one of the landmarks of postwar French literature. The story of a. Jean Genet’s five novels have secured him international recognition as one of the masters’ of modern French fiction. He wrote “Querelle” in the.

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It’s like having a dream about an animal running. The previous owner of my copy of Querelle must have been writing a paper for some class. I wouldn’t have seen it that way as Christianity isn’t in my thoughts. Also, I expect if I read it over again, it will grow on me. My big plans for the night was watching my dvd of Fassbinder’s Querelle.

Genet is a nihilist who writes without fury, a rebel who remains one of those rare and insolent free spirits.

This distance from the text is signaled almost immediately by the blatant artificiality of the setting. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Still, we are convinced that the true nature of such a phenomenon is sure to be found on the same profound level of psychological being at which the intertwined stories in this book unfold.

I will say it’s gene powerful work and lacks none of all that makes Genet great, I just couldn’t get gente it as I’ve always desired to get into Genet’s work. More than anything, my brain is pushing through extra brain fogginess.


Querelle of Brest

querelel Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. James, at times the crime aspects could have been played for more interest than they were. I get that these men all insist that they are not gay despite having a whole lotta gay sex. There were standout passages in this book–moments where the doxology of Saint Genet shines across all the well-muscled young men sublimating their homosexuality through violence, theft, and betrayal–but overall I found it less lyrically satisfying than some of his other work, and the narrative losing its thread for me on multiple occasions.

No ordinary person would otherwise find Querelle other than revolting and despicable. I guess I don’t think of anyone as having a natural place in life. The novel kean a similarly anticlimactic end. Damn straight I do. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

El cuerpo de un hombre, que es parecido a todos los hombres, a todos los errores amorosos que arrastro como lectora mujer heterosexual.

Still, I will be reading The Thief’s Journal, eventually. O para decirlo en criollo: You’re the horse but you’re not you.

It’s a way of putting oneself at ease that nothing can hurt you. Yeah, so the shadowy connections between the men. Yet, nothing else will be able to touch on it or replace it. Or, hean it’s just my own personal taste: Voice-over and dialogue sometimes become difficult to distinguish from one another.

This is not the same thing as the story.

Querelle of Brest by Jean Genet

Trivia About Querelle of Brest. Even Genet himself seems to admit that the ‘book has gone on too long’ near the end, and when the last page gemet finally reached, the payoff doesn’t feel grand. In many ways this is three texts in one: You’ll be mesmerized by yenet beauty. There’s a different side shown in Querelle.


As my first acquaintance with Jean Genet’s art, my anticipations were in no way let down. Please try again later. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Genet is just an once-in-a-life-time genius.

Far and away Genet’s most accessible novel. The novel formed the basis for Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s last film, Querelle It’s just that British gangster argot seems a particularly weird sort of patois to find in a French port. Querelle is a complex narrative of antisocial characters who have as many motives.

Seblon’s journal; the story itself; and Genet’s commentary and musings on both. Brest comes across as a delicious embodiment of pure qusrelle. I apologize in advance if this doesn’t make any sense that I’m not feeling inspired. I thought for sure auerelle movie would have it in spades.


Querelle is super thick, rich, compelling, and dark. They hate and love each other. Nov 30, Eric Norris rated it really liked it. There was twin stuff too. The book is not campy. He wants to give himself up to that beauty that he wants. My over-eagerness to ‘get into gent

Nov 17, Emily rated it it was amazing. Time has to go by better.