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It had to be you [COMPLETE] by, yukimiya87 / beta read by, girldevil pg13 | yunjae + yoosumin (hint) | romance-drama | characters. Jung Yunho felt absolutely. {Yunho, there would not be me if not for you. My other half read here, Kim Jaejoong was 23 years old and has had no boyfriend since birth. It Had To Be You is a quintessential yunjae + moonbin fic. I love how the characters’ conflicts are very realistic, and the interactions between all the characters.

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But his life will undergo an yunjaae twist as Jaejoong enters his life. It was like a dream come true for both of them. Love, romance, drama, angst, Mpreg Rating: Would love find this two, or would they just drift away in the end?

Living by himself is really not as great as his sisters made it out to be and he yearns to be around people again. Both YunJae are pregnant.

They were identical, though Jaejoong was born just a few second earlier than Youngwoong, they both have very different personality and they do not like the same thing. Yunho is a single, CEO of the company making most money out of the whole world. Will all of their sacrifices be for nothing?

it had to be you – 정윤호 & 김재중.

The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. And then, i scrolled down to his address. Yunho and Jaejoong knock each other up.

His father soon passed away after bringing Jaejoong to the family leaving him behind with his stepmother. As Yunho battles not only with the workplace politics of his job but with his admirers, JaeJoong soon starts to feel the burden of keeping their love a secret.


Two men met one cold, winters day. Caught up in a love triangle Jaejoong found himself trap under the control of this man known as Jung Yunho. Jaejoong is a simple college student in love with a business man named Yunho. While looking for his missing sister, fashion model Yunho meets recluse Jaejoong. Love hits you like a freight train sometimes and busy art students are no exception.

Love, Romance, Drama Length: In order to pay back the debt they decided to move to Seoul where they believe there is more opportunities for them. Jaejoong loses in the game of love.

Love, Drama, Angst Rating: And how are the Soulmate duo supposed to cope with the term bisexuality?

Wherein the rule of threes change Jaejoong’s life. He needs to hang out, date, and fall in love. Yunho picks up the pieces and attempts to put back together the friend he secretly loves. Yunho swore he’d protect JaeJoong at all cost YunJae go on a secret vacation– to NYC. However the path that they took leads them into a life style that they never even imagine themselves living in. HoSuMinChun went on a vacation-slash-help around Junsu’s shop in an island.

He met his only best friend from high school, who was the ultimate geek who worked hard to achieve his goals, in a club. He was composed, serious and successful; the total opposite from his old playboy, reckless and wild self during high school. Email required Address never made public. But in an instance, it was Micky and Jae no more.


Yunjae Fanfics

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: They even survived through the war as forbidden lovers. About the things that you hope for and the things that itt get. This site uses cookies. Read to find out! About acceptance of others, and acceptance of oneself.

it had to be you

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: After a fateful accident on Christmas Eve, loving and happy Kim Jaejoong would change. Kim Jaejoong, you can do it.

He is the breadwinner of his family for his father is suffering from a disease. In the midst of busy schedules, stressful dance rehearsals, nosy entertainment agencies and crazy fangirls, nothing beats stress like a mind-blowing sex session does—with no strings attached. Left alone he had never step a foot out of the house since he moved into the Kim residence. Angst Romance humor Fluff Smut Summery: However, the threat of civil war loomed and the two found themselves faced with the risk of separation.

Yunho was given another chance to be with the love of his life and this time Yunho was not going to let him go. Yunho then realized how much his friend had changed and how their roles had been reversed.