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In this iconoclastic and provocative work, leading scholars Israel Finkelstein and its new vision of ancient Israel, The Bible Unearthed offers a fascinating and. Simcha said: The Bible Unearthed is a rich informative book that manages to In this iconoclastic and provocative work, leading scholars Israel Finkelstein and. Find out more about The Bible Unearthed by Israel Finkelstein, Neil Asher Silberman at Simon & Schuster. Read book reviews & excerpts, watch author videos.

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The Bible Unearthed: Archaeology’s New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of Its Sacred Texts

As for the history of the texts, the authors show that how references to the “Book of the Law” were later modified by new found scripts and formed into Deutoronomy, and then later a final redaction was made perhaps by Ezra. Written for an audience not already versed in biblical history or scholarship, it presents the biblical version of events and then attempts to address the level of accuracy——which differs throughout——with the help of archaeological findings.

Not surprisingly, to a Biblical skeptic at least, there’s a lot of problems with the Bible taken as history.

The conflict between the returnees and those who had always been in Judah evidently required resolution; the two groups had to be reintegrated. Essentially, Judah needed to theologically justify its existence and offer an explanation to why Israel had failed.

His successor and sonManassehreversed the religious changes, re-introducing religious pluralism; Finkelstein and Silberman suggest that this may have been an attempt to gain co-operation from village elders and clans, so that he would not need so much centralised administration, and could therefore allow the countryside to return to economic autonomy.

The Kings This episode brings back to life the history of the Israelite nation in Canaan as told in the Bible: Whether one believes or disbelieves the premise, this is fascinating stuff for anyone interested in the history of religion. Who were the first Israelites and where did they come from? Where do the people of Israel originally come from? For a born again Atheist, this was priceless In FebruaryAmazon.

The archaeology aside, this book provides a great political history of the relationships between the northern Israelite and southern highland Judahite peoples — their differences, Israel’s rise and fall, and Judah’s fortunate timing to emerge as Israel’s Assyrian conquerers fell.


Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! When it gives a date or a location for an event and archaeology proves otherwise, finmelstein, problems arise. As the authors note in closing: There has in fact been a kingdom of Judah ruled by the dynasty of David, and rhe much richer kingdom of Israel ruled by the dynasty of Omri, which engaged finkelsteiin building projects rivaled only by the building projects of Herod the Great almost a thousand years later; there is no evidence that the two were ever politically unified.

Sign up and get a free eBook! Matching the archaeological record with the historical narratives of the bible, the authors show that much of what the so-called Abrahamic religions Christianity, Islam and Judaism itself hold as central stories of creation, settlement, exile and Exodus from Egypt were written in about the 7th century BC and This has been a fascinating excursion into the ancient history of Israel, Judah and the emergence of the Jewish people as an identifiable group who uneaarthed from osrael the peoples of Canaan.

With that being said, it seems that FS jump to conclusions simply from hard-evidence archaeology, not also considering literary devices or words and their meanings.

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The Bible Unearthed : Israel Finkelstein :

The Rise and Fall of Ancient Israel. Archaeologist When reading the Bible, you’re not engaging in an activity ‘normal people’ do with their ‘normal books. sirael

Looking for beautiful books? RSS Info Join our email list! A nice survey of the current state of archaeology associated with the Tanakh, avoiding both extremes of the current debates. Archaeology and the Bible. Dawn breaks on the land of Canaan.

The Bible Unearthed – Wikipedia

Did Joshua actually invade and conquer Canaan? Finkepstein signs point to a 7th century BC compilation of books, tales and sources into one unified whole, smoothing over the lumps and presenting the people — many suddenly pouring into Judah from the sack of Samaria — a new complete identity with their One God. FS argue that among the main motives of the Hebrew Bible was political, yet they make this conclusion only from what archaeology says.


What actually happened and what a people thought happened belong to a single historical process. However, the book might benefit from including additional visual aids, especially with locations of settlements and towns where such sites are found. Nov 20, Duntay rated it really liked it Shelves: As recorded in the Book of Kings, Manasseh’s grandson, Josiahenacted a large religious reform soon after he became king; he ordered renovations to the Jerusalem Temple, ths which the High Priest ‘found’ a scroll of the lawwhich insisted on monotheism with sacrifice tge at a single temple—that in Jerusalem.

The book became a bestseller within its field. The book comments that this corresponds with the documentary hypothesisin which textual scholarship argues for the majority of the first five biblical books being written between the 8th and 6th centuries. However, he does unearthec believe the first 5 books of the Bible The Torah were written by Moses, but were written by a scribe in around the seventh century B. Finkelstein’s take on the Bible when comparing it with Archeology of the area, when presented with some proof of the Biblical text he merely looks at the proof and says that the archeological data presented is not in sync with the finkeldtein given with the Bible.

With Josiah’s death Egypt became suzerain over Judah. If there are so many contradictions, then why do people continue to read it?

The authors unezrthed The Bible Unearthed successfully collate new biblf and information that has been known for awhile to present clear and concise rethinking of The Old Testament at the time of kings and Biblical archaeology in general.

The Bible Unearthed : Archaeology’s New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of Its Sacred Texts

It eloquently expresses the deeply rooted sense of shared origins, experiences, and destiny that every human community needs in order to survive. Mar 26, Misha rated it it was amazing. When reading the Bible, you’re not engaging in an activity ‘normal people’ unearrthed with their ‘normal books.