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Iskander Mirza is the last Governor-General of Pakistan, and the first President of the country. This biography of Iskander Mirza provides. OBITUARY. MAJOR-GENERAL ISKANDER MIRZA. Iskander Mirza, who died on 13 November , was Governor General of Pakistan () and the first. The only surviving son of Iskander Mirza, Humayun Mirza belongs to a generation whose lives were disrupted by the partition of India in Born in Poona.

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Choudhri to the promotion to two-star rank, Kskanderin order to assume the navy command of Pakistan Navybut it was not until in when Admiral Choudhri took over the command. Jinnah Nazimuddin Malik Mirza.

By mid-Junethe number of arrests reached 1, including 33 assembly members and two Dhaka University professors. Some regard this imposition of martial law as the reason behind the tumult that was created in Pakistan.

Appointed only as acting governor since 7 AugustMirza dismissed Malik Ghulam to take over his post on 6 Octoberand forced Prime Minister Bogra to resign when he appointed him as the Pakistan Ambassador to the United States.

In fact, his insecurities of losing power as a president to Ayub Khan made Mirza conspire against the martial administrator.

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Iskander Mirza is thus widely held responsible for the instability that brought the active iskznder of Pakistan armed forces in politics.

Defence Secretary of Pakistan — By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Electronic Government of Pakistan. After a brief military service in the British Indian Armyhe joined the Indian Political Service and spent the majority of his career as a political agent in the Western region of the British India until elevated as joint secretary at the Ministry of Defence in InMirza was promoted to two-star rank, having ixkander the one-star promotion as Brigadierand upgraded his rank as Major-General in the Pakistan Army by the promotion papers approved by Prime Minister Ali Khan.


In NovemberMirza breathed his last at a hospital in London. At the London hospital where he died, he once said to his wife, Nahid: Mirza was appointed and served as the political agent of Odisha and North West Frontier Province from until Iskandrr Ali Jinnah Pakistani.

Iskander Mirza

Heads of States and Governments Since google books. The Constitution drives the country’s system of government towards parliamentarianismwith executive powers vested under the elected Prime Minister while the president serving as a ceremonial head of state. Retrieved 12 April Former President of Pakistan. Khan and four army miraz air force generals: After the independence of Pakistan as result of the Partition of IndiaMirza was appointed as first Defence Secretary by Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khanonly to oversee the military efforts in first war with India infollowed by failed secessionism in Balochistan in By s, Mirza had moved his personal wealth to Pakistan that was confiscated by the Government of Pakistan when he was exiled, and it was reported by Hindustan Times inthat his family estate in Murshidabad was left in ruins.

Iskander Mirza | president of Pakistan |

Iskander hankered after power and tried to dominate his country. Waziristan War Indo-Pakistani War of iskadner Initially, it was Major-General Iftikhar Khan who was promoted to four-star rank and selected to be appointed as first native commander of the army but died in an airplane crash en route after finishing the senior staff officers’ course in the United Kingdom.

From Protest to Freedom: In an attempt to consolidate the powers under his control, President Mirza appointed a new administration cabinet that consisted of bureaucrats and technocrats iskanddr unsuccessfully tried by role of the CMLA General Ayub Khan as the Prime Minister on 24 October but such actions could not implemented due to General Ayub Khan’s strong protest and briefly lodged a complain to President Mirza about his ” high hand ” method.

Corps of Military Police. Retrieved 7 April He was born in PoonaIndia, and was educated at Doon School. Khan had successfully reorganized the Muslim League that was threatening the reelection and political endorsement for Mirza for the second term of his presidency.


See the events in life of Iskander Mirza in Chronological Order. The title, Mirza lit. After the establishment of Pakistan as an Independent nation, Mirza was appointed as its Defence Secretary.

Mirza was married twice: Despite both being Bengali and hailing from East Bengalthe two leaders had very different views of running the central government and both leader were in brief conflict, causing the harm to the unity of the nation.

His rule as the President of Pakistan ended and he was forced to live a life devoid of glory. It was this friendship that brought Zulfikar Ali Bhutto into the political arena of Pakistan.

This section needs additional citations for verification. In Bogra administrationhe also took care the matters of Commonwealth and Kashmir affairs ministry as he had gained major political influence in the administration in He also studied in the U.

Mohammad Ali Bogra Muhammad Ali — Inthis Pakistani leader married an aristocratic lady Naheed Amirteymour, who was the daughter of Iranian Imrza Amirteymour Kalali. The Promise of Power: Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Zindabad! Historians also asserted that Mirza’s role as the head of state led him to uskander an active part in power politics, building an image of being a kingmaker in the country’s politics.

Unfortunately, the former president became a victim of the martial law which he had himself implemented. He married the daughter of Horace Hildreththe U. His tenure as defense secretary also saw the deployment iskajder Military Police in East-Pakistan now Bangladesh as a result of the Bengali Language Movementduring which the East Pakistan Army fatally shot four student activists.

October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Governor-General of Pakistan — Military Politics in Pakistan. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.