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DP55WB – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 4. View and Download Intel BLKDP55WB product manual online. Desktop Board. BLKDP55WB Motherboard pdf manual download. Also for: Dp55wb. Get Intel DP55WB Intel Desktop Board DP55WB Product Guide – English. Get all Intel manuals!.

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The RoHS legislation restricts the use of six materials. Make sure that the load plate is in the fully open position Figure 7, B while being careful dp55qb to damage adjacent components. Observe the precautions in “Before You Begin” on page Rotate the socket lever to lift the load plate away from the socket Figure 7, A.

This is household equipment that is certified to comply with EMC requirements.

Note The diskette does NOT need to be bootable; however, it must be formatted. Press and Setup displays a pop-up screen requesting that you confirm mankal the password.

Intel DP55WB : Intel Desktop Board DP55WB Product Guide – English

Lift the front edge of the socket to disengage the cover from the socket and lift the cover up and away from the socket Figure 8, B. Page of 80 Go. Turn off the computer and disconnect the AC power cord. Installing and Replacing Desktop Board Components 7. Rabljene baterije zavrzite v skladu z lokalnimi okoljevarstvenimi predpisi. We appreciate all feedback, but cannot reply or give product support.

All fan headers support closed-loop fan control that can adjust the fan speed or switch the fan on or off as needed. Turn off all peripheral devices connected to the computer. Place the diskette in the diskette drive drive A of the target computer. The security feature uses a mechanical switch on the chassis that can manuzl connected to the chassis intrusion header on the Desktop Board.


BIO to a formatted diskette. Turn off the computer and disconnect the AC power cord. Use janual arrow keys to select Clear Passwords. When installed in the chassis, the shield blocks radio frequency transmissions, protects internal components from dust and foreign objects, and promotes correct airflow within the chassis. BIO to a CD. To avoid injury, be careful of: You need to select the correct BIOS files for your board.

Lead is the most common and problematic of the RoHS restricted materials. Term Description Gigabyte 1,, bytes Gigahertz one billion hertz Kilobyte bytes Megabyte 1, bytes Megabit 1, bits Megahertz one million hertz Page 5: Lower the socket lever Figure 12, B while making sure that the front edge of the load plate slides under the shoulder screw cap as the lever is lowered Figure 12, A.

There are exemptions in RoHS that allow the use of lead in some very limited locations in electronic products. Select Yes and press. If you require a response, contact support. This header can be connected to a mechanical switch on the chassis to detect if the jntel cover is removed.

Hold the processor only at the edges, being careful not to touch the bottom of the processor see Figure 9. BIO is small enough to fit on a diskette smaller than 1.

Disconnect the monitor cable from the graphics card back panel connector. Enter dp555wb from picture: Security Passwords For instructions on resetting the password, go to Clearing Passwords on page See Figure 22 for the location of the chassis intrusion header.


Make sure that the load plate is in the fully open position Figure 7, B while being careful not to damage adjacent components.

Turn off the computer. The DIMM pops out of the socket. An earlier BIOS version may not contain the support for the latest processors, bug fixes, critical security updates, ,anual support the latest board revisions currently manufactured.

Recovery BIOS Update Instructions for IntelĀ® Desktop Boards

Configuring the BIOS 1. This switch should be in the open position when the chassis cover is installed and closed when the cover is removed.

This header can be connected to a mechanical switch on the chassis to detect if dp55w chassis cover is removed. Chassis Intrusion Header Signal Names Ensure Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC Compliance Before computer integration, make sure that the power supply and other modules or peripherals, as applicable, have passed Class B EMC testing and are marked accordingly. For correct cable function: Table 10 shows the pin assignments and signal names for the USB 2. See other BIOS update methods.

The board has several hardware management features including the following: If a BIOS update process is interrupted, your computer may not function properly.

Finish the Windows installation and install all necessary drivers.