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The Ilulissat Declaration was adopted by the five Arctic nations with borders on the Arctic Ocean (Denmark, Norway, Canada, the Russian. “With the Ilulissat Declaration from May , the coastal States bordering the Arctic Ocean agreed to maintain the Arctic as a low-tension. The outcome was the two-page Ilulissat Declaration. You can download a copy at the Danish Foreign Ministry website: Conference in Ilulissat, Greenland.

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After a long flight to Ilulissat, the delegations continued to nearby Ilimanaq where they had a smooth beginning in the picturesque surroundings. The moratorium, which will run at least ilulissah 16 years, will safeguard any potential future fish stocks in the Arctic Ocean.

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Ilulissat Declaration

And, of course, to the common understanding that the Arctic does not need any new global Arctic Treaty, U. And even though that these verdicts potentially could make the disputes take a turn for the worse, it is something that remains to be seen. The Danes are right to take credit for the initiative as the declaration is a tangible demonstration proving a shared willingness to cooperation and dialogue concerning the Arctic between the Arctic nations.

Inthe signing of the Ilulissat Declaration poured cold seclaration on the rhetorical escalation in the wake of the in famous Russian flag planting on the geographical North Pole seabed. The five states also agreed to strengthen their cooperation in a range of areas, including economic development, scientific research, environmental protection and safety of navigation.

Human rights in the police academy curriculum strengthens trust in the police Ethiopia: So far, the dispute has been of low intensity where the countries submit their claims to the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental shelf CLCS ; however, symbolic gestures as the Russian flag planting on declarationn North Pole seabed in or the official Danish claim in suggest that the dispute is one of importance.


Sustainable development is agreed upon by all and even if the US does not officially recognize climate change, it is undeniable that the Arctic region is changing.

Very different sets of international law apply at the two ends of the world, even if they are comparable in other ways. It is in our clear interest llulissat maintain this situation. We are committed to strengthening our economic cooperation within ilulisdat Arctic region to support the development of successes like Ilimanaq.

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Ilulissat Declaration – Wikipedia

Further, the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement suggests that it is doubtful whether the US will commit to agreements that acknowledges climate change. This Arctic -related article is a stub. Ten years on it is still hailed as an important scaffold for peace, cooperation and the international order in the Arctic. Denmark will miss no chance to remind its guests of the Danish origins of the Ilulissat Declaration, but two independent researchers have made sure that also the flip-sides are recalled.

Participants are invited on a case study tour through Ilulissat Icefjord to Ilimanaq village.

As documented declaaration the two Danish researchers, who have interviewed 24 anonymized diplomats and politicians, the signatories promised peace, search-and-rescue and protection of the marine environment. This procedure secured the speedy adoption of the Ilulissat Declaration, but it also added to a lack of clarity in the Arctic. Because on that date, the conference venue was already booked by someone else. A Canadian claim is expected to further complicate matters, so any setting in which talks with Russia can take place under soothing circumstances, is likely to be kept open.


Ilulissat Two: Why Greenland and Denmark are inviting Arctic governments back this May

Greenland on the world map Besides nuancing the perception of the Arctic, promoting tourism, sustainable development and ensure continuous support to the peaceful delimitation of the Arctic Ocean seabed, the anniversary is also a welcoming opportunity for Greenland to position herself as a more autonomous player internationally.

Due to the conditions we live in, our scarce ilylissat resources and infrastructural challenges the inhabitants in the Arctic cannot compete globally on many factors.

The researchers even advise the Danish government to further support the use of the A5 institution. Our core responsibility is thus to secure the prosperity of the inhabitants through innovation and sustainably using the environment that we are in.

Ilulissat Declaration’s year anniversary

By signing the declaration, the nations committed themselves to peaceful cooperation and dialogue regarding the development in the Arctic Ocean, and to settle possible overlapping territorial claims or other discrepancies within the framework of international law and the Law of the Sea.

Inenvironmentalists, scientists and a growing number of politicians, e. On the first day, sustainable economic development was on top of the agenda. The content of this article is the sole responsibility of the author and any opinions expressed therein do not necessarily represent the official position of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association Denmark.