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IEC +A+A(E). Edition consolidated with amendments and This English-language version is derived from the. This standard applies to all high-voltage switchgear and controlgear except as otherwise specified in the relevant IEC standards for the particular type of. Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering

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This standard applies to all high-voltage switchgear and controlgear except as otherwise specified in the relevant IEC 66094 for the particular type of switchgear and controlgear.

Alarm pressure for operation Care shall be taken to ensure that no damage is caused to the surrounding insulating materials. If during a wet test a disruptive discharge on external self-restoring insulation occurs, this test shall be repeated in the same test condition and the switchgear and controlgear shall be considered to have passed this test successfully if no further disruptive discharge occurs.

If it is proved that tests for one polarity give the most unfavourable results, it is permissible to perform the tests for this polarity only.

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Particular requirements for humidity sensing controls IEC It is recommended that parts be tested in sequence, starting with first connected part. NOTE 3 Condensation may be prevented by special design of the building or housing, kec suitable ventilation and heating of the station or by the use of dehumidifying equipment.

This identification may be limited to the ends of the conductors. Components in enclosures should be so arranged as to be accessible for mounting, wiring, maintenance and replacement. The test frequency shall be recorded in the test report. The manufacturer shall provide a statement to the testing laboratory of those parts 60649 may be renewed during the tests.

Where household thermostats are applied, they shall comply with the requirements of IEC that sets the particular requirements for automatic electrical temperature sensing controls for household and similar use. Where heating oec essential for correct functioning of the equipment, monitoring of the heating circuit shall be provided. Switching devices, the incorrect operation of which can cause damage or which are used for assuring isolating distances, shall be provided with locking facilities as specified to the manufacturer for example, provision of padlocks.


NOTE Several gas-filled compartments may be permanently interconnected to form a common gas-system gastight assembly. C Closed pressure system for gas NOTE 6 Class 3 contacts are not intended to be subjected to full substation auxiliary supply short-circuit current.

The temperature and pressure of the gas during the tests shall be noted and recorded in the test report. Where appropriate, identification of wiring according to IEC may be applied. To achieve such a condition, the instantaneous powerfrequency voltage may be increased up to, but no more than U r 2 3 for the lightning impulse tests, and not more than 1,2 U r tests. General terms on measurements in electricity IEC Special attention should be given to resistors.

If the actual service conditions differ from these normal service conditions, high-voltage switchgear and controlgear and associated operating devices and auxiliary equipment shall be designed to comply with any special service conditions required by the user, or appropriate arrangements shall be made see 2.

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The temperature of the liquid dielectric itself shall be measured in the upper layer of the dielectric. The switchgear and controlgear shall be considered to have passed the test if no disruptive discharge occurs. Ancillary equipment — Section 2: Means shall be provided to enable gas systems to be safely replenished whilst the equipment is in service.

General definitions and test ic IEC Refer to instrument transformer standards for adequate performances of these devices. The following test procedure shall be followed: The magnitude of induced voltages in a secondary system depends both on the secondary system itself and on conditions such as the earthing and rated voltage of the main circuit.

Except for slow operation during maintenance, the main contacts shall only move under the action of the drive mechanism and in the designed manner, and not in the case iwc reapplication of the energy supply after a loss of energy.


Examples of types of standardized fuses IEC For sulphur hexafluoride-filled switchgear and controlgear, new sulphur hexafluoride shall comply with IEC All components used in the auxiliary and control circuits shall be designed or selected to be operational with their rated characteristics over the whole actual service conditions inside auxiliary and control circuits ief that can differ from the external service conditions specified in clause 2. The lower value in the second column is the voltage to neutral and the higher value is the voltage between lines.

Temporary connections to the main circuit shall be such that no significant amount of heat is conducted away from, or conveyed 6094, the switchgear irc controlgear during the test. The choice should be made considering the degree of exposure to fast-front and slow-front overvoltages, the type of neutral earthing of the system and the type jec overvoltage limiting devices see IEC The resistance of the closed class 1 and class 2 auxiliary contacts shall not exceed 50?

No correction of the temperature-rise values shall be isc for ambient air temperatures within this range. The switchgear and controlgear shall be considered to have passed the test if the number of the disruptive discharges on self-restoring insulation does not exceed two for each series of 15 impulses and if no disruptive discharge on non-self-restoring insulation occurs.

Electrical lec IEC For switchgear and controlgear having only internal insulation, the ambient air conditions are of no influence and the correction factor K t shall not be applied. For three-pole switchgear and controlgear with a rated normal current not exceeding A, the tests may be made with all poles connected in series.