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Recording of my solo from Bangor Cathedral Choir’s performance of Gabriel Faure’s Requiem. (“Hostias et preces tibi Domine” – from 2. Gabriel Fauré. (œ). Edited by Philip Legge. 2 Bassons. I, II. 4 Cors en Fa. III, IV. 2 Trompettes chrom. en Fa. Timbales. Sopranos. Altos. Ténors. Basses. The baritone soloist sings for the first time at ‘Hostias ‘ (), with a declamatory theme: Faure preferred here ‘a soothing bass-baritone with something of the.

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In both works, the four remaining movements are sung by the choir alone, whereas Verdi, for example, has the soloists sing several arias and ensembles hostlas his Requiem. A performance takes about 35 minutes.

Classical Music | Baritone

On a bass in an ostinato rhythm of two quarter notes, a rest and the upbeat to the next two quarters, he fxure the text ” Libera me I’m not Catholic, so I’m a bit hazy about standard forms of prayer in Latin. Tartarus refers to hostjas deepest area of hell reserved only for the worst sinners according to Roman mythology, so I would guess that Faure used it as a bit of poetic license to express the same thing as infernus.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Work Title Requiem in D minor Alt ernative. The music of Gounod has been criticised for its inclination towards hostlas tenderness. One of those was “Church Latin,” and I guess the other one was academic.

Words and Music: Requiem (Gabriel Fauré)

LIBERA ME Libera me, Domine, de morte aeterna Free me, lord, from death eternal in die illa tremenda on that day of dread quando coeli movendi sunt et terra when the heavens will be shaken and the earth dum veneris judicare saeculum per ignem while you come to judge the world with fire.


Any tips on how to understand what I’ll be doing in my mind to make this sound correct or sound clean without really “learning” any latin? We are performing the Requiem with the orchestra on 24 October, I’ve tried to give the sense in plain English, without distorting for poetic effects like rhyme or metre. Hamelle, with additions by Philip Legge.

Requiem, Op.48 (Fauré, Gabriel)

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, lord have mercy. Most of the text is in Latinexcept for the Kyrie which is Koine Greek. Interesting that the requiem uses both infernus and Tartarus for hell.

These file s are part of the Werner Icking Music Collection.

The sopranos sing softly in a very simple hostkas and falling melody of only three notes, which the male voices repeat, accompanied by hosstias on the harp and a dreamy rising melody in the violins sometimes just a solo violin. They’re just to help singers know what they’re singing. He changed ” libera animas omnium fidelium defunctorum ” “deliver the souls of all the faithful departed” to simply ” libera animas defunctorum ” “deliver the souls of the departed”.

No, the reprise of the Introit is in there twice. Sanctus Holyin contrast with other compositions of mass and Requiem where it is often illustrated with great vocal and instrumental forces particularly Verdi’s Requiemis here expressed in extremely simple form.

Editor Jean Roger-Ducasse —co-orchestrator. Conrad Braam 19 October at The piece premiered in its first version in in La Madeleine in Paris for a funeral mass. Is that a good way to explain the whole? I’m guessing this blog’s author chose not to repeat it here.

He composed the work in the late s and revised it in the s, finishing it in Arranger Pierre Gouin – Contactorgan reduction. Retrieved from ” http: The baritone enters with ” Hostias et preces “, offerings brought with praises, beginning on one repeated note, but asking with more melody ” fac eas, Domine, de morte transire ad vitam ” make them, Lord, transcend from death to life.


Faure’s Requiem – Hostias Baritone solo by fidster | Free Listening on SoundCloud

The call “Christe” is strong and urgent the first time, repeated more softly a few more times. And something is left out at the end of the Offertory that includes that beautiful “Amen. And can I just plug three choirs I sing with? Then, while the motion in the orchestra stays the same, the key changes to the minor mode, and the Lamb of God is asked for fxure in chords of daring harmonic progression.

One possible impetus may have been the death of his father inand his mother’s death two years later, on New Year’s Eve Choral Public Domain Library Performers Steve Tung all flute parts, layered studio recording. The final movement In Paradisum is based on a text that is not part of the liturgy of the funeral mass but of the burial.

Sincewhen John Rutter’s edition of the score was recorded for the Conifer label, there have been numerous sets of both the and versions issued on CD. As a long lapsed Catholic, there is one line — let perpetual light shine upon them — which you have changed.