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Cambridge Core – Classical Studies (General) – Hermetica – edited by Brian P. Copenhaver. This book is much needed modern translation of the Corpus Hermeticum. Copenhaver provides many notes and historical insights into the text, which help the. For a more easily readable (and very reliable) modern print edition, we recommend the respected translation of the Hermetica by Brian P. Copenhaver.

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As above — As in Heaven — Your own mind So below — So copenhager Earth — In your body and environment If we think good, good will follow; if we think evil, evil will follow.

Hermetica : Brian P. Copenhaver :

Because it also embodies in its text and in its very extensive commentary the critical scholarship of the last ninety years, Copenhaver’s translation will remain the canonical English version of the seventeen treatises of the Greek Corpus Hermeticum and the Latin Asclepius for a long time cpoenhaver come Raymond Roberts,II rated it liked it Feb 14, Cambridge University Press, Jan 15, Abdullah rated it it was amazing. Request removal from index.

What is the Hermetic tradition, and what did it teach?

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. These are the opening words of the Poemandresthe first text of copenhzver Corpus Hermeticum; they provide a first insight into the visionary source of Hermetic Gnosis: Literary Essays Literary Studies: I just couldn’t read this.

Hermetica: The Greek Corpus Hermeticum and the Latin Asclepius

Find it on Scholar. Arthur Darby HermesA. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Their rediscovery and translation into Latin during the late-fifteenth century by the Italian Renaissance court of Cosimo de Medici, provided a seminal force in the development of Renaissance thought and culture. The perfect contrasted with the temporal. Their core impetus was communication of a visionary reality.

Account Options Sign in. The Secret Sermon on the Mountain.

The Corpus Hermeticum & Hermetic Tradition — The Gnostic Society Library

I found the book interesting in that you are reading a person from over years ago tackling those questions that still are bandied about today. Therefore, my king, in so far as you have the power who are all powerfulkeep the discourse uninterpreted, lest mysteries of such greatness come to the Greeks, lest the extravagant, flaccid and as it were dandified Greek idiom extinguish something stately and concise, the energetic idiom of usage. Price Both Volumes Together 50s.


Nov 12, A. Clarendon Press, and Upon a time while my mind was meditating on the things that are, my thought was raised to a great height, while the physical senses of my body were held back—just as are the senses of men who are heavy with sleep after a large meal, or from fatigue of body.

Begin with the introductory essay On the Trail of the Winged God: Also included in the Nag Hammadi collection is the Hermetic Prayer of Thanksgivingand an excerpt from the Asclepius. The most valuable aspect, I found, of his introductory essay was the exploration of Hermetism as an ultimately syncretic religious movement that exemplified the concurrent cultural s Copenhaver’s introduction to the Hermetic corpus approaches the historical origins of Hermetism and Hermeticism from, seemingly, all angles—at once dispelling the mythic history that surrounded Hermes Trismegistus and clarifying the texts’ rightful place in the greater context of Hellenistic philosophy and theology.

We, by contrast, use not speeches but sounds that are full of action. Think that for you too nothing is impossible; deem that you too are immortal, and that you are able to grasp all things in your thought, to know every craft and science; find your home in the haunts of every living creature; make yourself higher than all heights and lower than all depths; bring together in yourself all opposites of quality, heat and cold, dryness and fluidity; think that you are everywhere at once, on land, at sea, in heaven; think that you are not yet begotten, that you are in the womb, that you are young, that you are old, that you have died, that you are in the world beyond the grave; grasp in your thought all of this at once, all times and places, all substances and qualities and magnitudes together; then you can apprehend God.


Copenhaver’s comprehensive introduction, provide an indispensable resource to scholars in ancient philosophy and religion, early Christianity, Renaissance literature, and history, the history of science, and the occultist tradition in which the Hermetica have become canonical texts. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

Of Asclepius to the King. Cambridge University Press Amazon. This first English translation based on reliable texts, together with Brian P.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Nov 17, Tracey rated it really liked it Shelves: For a more easily readable and very reliable modern print edition, we recommend the respected translation of the Hermetica by Brian P. Copenhaver’s introduction, which runs some sixty pages, is a wonderful summing-up of the history, hermeetica and problems of Hermeticism from antiquity to the present day This new translation is the only English version based on reliable texts, and Professor Copenhaver’s introduction and notes make this accessible and up-to-date edition an indispensable resource to scholars.

Nov 30, Heather rated it did not like it.

It is interesting where we have come from with our thought process and I really like that part of the book. Books by Hermes Trismegistus.

After that introductory tour, read the introduction and commentaries in Mead’s classic work, Thrice Greatest Hermes: A very well done and lucid translation of this important series of texts.

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