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Myth in History, Philosophy of History as Myth: On the Ambivalence of Hans Blumenberg’s Interpretation of Ernst Cassirer’s Theory of y Andrew. Blumenberg’s highly original theory of myth, outlined in the volume Work on Myth (; English translation ), distinguishes him as the. In , Hans Blumenberg began a minor revolution in the philosophy of .. In his Work on Myth, Hans Blumenberg’s explanation of mythology parallels his.

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The early text “Paradigms for a Metaphorology” explicates the idea of ‘absolute metaphors’, by way wrok examples from the history of ideas and philosophy. However, until the very end of his life, Blumenberg remained unwilling to explore any personal motives for his interest in mythology.

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In its wake, the concept of political myth has begun to establish itself as a relevant concept of political theory. Trierweiler – – Diogenes 46 By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

University of Antwerp – Hans Blumenberg and the Theory of Political Myth

Inspired by amongst others Ernst Cassirer ‘s functional perspective on the history of ideas and philosophy, and the concomitant view of a rearrangement within the spiritual relationships specific to an epoch, Blumenberg rejects the substantialism of historical continuity — fundamental to the so-called ‘theorem of secularization’; the Modern age in his view represents an independent epoch opposed to Antiquity and the Middle Ages by a rehabilitation of human curiosity in reaction to theological absolutism.

Are political myths always nefarious and related to propaganda and misinformation, or might they have a legitimate use under some circumstances? Science Logic and Mathematics.


This context is of decisive importance for Blumenberg’s idea of absolute metaphors. The workshop will focus on the importance of the work of Hans Blumenberg in relation to these questions and will offer close readings and interpretations of two recently published texts from the Blumenberg Nachlass: In Blumenberg’s many inquiries into the history of philosophy the threshold of the late Middle Ages and the early Renaissance provides a focal point Legitimacy of the Modern Age and The Genesis of the Copernican World.

In this sense, myth is already an attempt to render the world comprehensible, to identify divine or demonic powers, and to manage them, for example, by means of sacrifice or supplication.

How do political myths construct collective identities and thereby affect political agency? Narrative, Nanotechnology and the Accomplishment of Public Responses: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Hans Blumenberg and the Theory of Political Myth

The critical history of concepts may thus serve the depotentiation of metaphorical power. He studied philosophyGerman studies and the classics —47, interrupted by World War II and is considered to be one of the most important German philosophers of the century. The border between logos and myth is, according to Blumenberg, a fictive one.

Hans Blumenberg’s Reformulations of the Absolute. This, however, should not be understood as a rational or theoretical approach to a question or dilemma: Hans Blumenberg’s Theory of MythRoutledgep.

It may even be of interest to an even more diverse audience, bringing a new level of complexity to current debates between religion and evolutionary theory. Catholic theology was the only subject choice subsequently open to him, as it was offered by the church and not by the state.

Castoriadis and the Non-Subjective Field: This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat blumenbert Sign in Create an account. Myths constitute human attempts to rationalise and control anxieties concerning the indeterminate and uncontrollable forces of nature by anthropomorphising these forces into distinct and individual mythic objects.


Nattiez – – Diogenes 52 4: Pini Ifergan – – Continental Philosophy Review 48 3: William Schultz – – Garland. The Legibility of the World Hurley – – Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 96 1: Blumenberg, so Nicholls tells us, blumenbdrg that while other organisms adapt to their situations through instincts associated with natural selection, a large part of human adaption is cultural, and is constituted by the construction of stories.

Joseph Mali – – Science in Context 7 1. His work has resonated internationally across academic disciplines ranging from literary theory, philosophy, religious studies and anthropology, to the history and philosophy of science.

This phenomenon may range from blumenbrrg attempt to fully explicate the metaphor while losing sight of its illustrative function, to the experience of becoming immersed in metaphors influencing the seeming logicality of conclusions.

Book Review: ‘Hans Blumenberg on Myth and the Human Sciences.’

His mentor during these years was Ludwig Landgrebe. Kirk Wetters – – Telos: Above all, it is a warning against the force of revealed truth, and for the beauty of a world in confusion.

In recent years, the phenomenon of political myth has attracted increasing scholarly attention.