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Here is a detailed guide to help you regarding this process. First of find out an auspicious date for the puja as per the Hindu calendar. Once the date is fixed. One of the oldest and most commonly practised housewarming ceremonies is the Gruhapravesam. A Gruhapravesam ceremony is performed before settling into. Gruhapravesam procedure is already discussed in the previous postings. I want to add only one or two points in addition to the above.

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Please adivse on the poojas to be performed and is this date and month is good for this Grahapravesh. My father passed away 6 months ago.

Namaste Gruhapraveeam kumar, Thank you for contacting Astroved. It is currently empty and being renovated. Namaste, May 29th, is an Auspicious day, you can perform the Grahapravesam Pooja between 4. Hello Saritha This is very good new as you going to shift to another rpocedure. Types of Pooja’s to be performed compulsory 3. Turmeric powder and kumkum are applied on these.

Please feel free to call OR e-mail us for any further clarifications. This Pooja is performed just outside the entrance to the new home.

How to perform Griha Pravesh Pooja

Dear Sir, Can I stay in my new house before one day griha pravesh puja? Please tell me if there are any dates in August My DOB is Aug So, I had delayed moving into the house for about one more year. These poojas help in purifying house by warding off the evils and vastu doshas, if any. But my parents can perform. If not, please contact www. Gruhapravesam procedure is already discussed in the previous postings.


Vaastu pooja is the main event in gruhapravesam. One moves into one’s new home with much excitement, new hopes and pgocedure. Sir due to some financial problems we are not completing construction with in one year so do we perform gruhapravesham in 2nd year or 3rd year. What is the procedure for Griha Pravesham? It is called a good muhurtha.

October taurus monthly horoscope. We are in bangalore. With Kind Regards, AV member support. Moreover, Please visit our website, www. This is not giving a party to all friend in a hotel. Homas are also done to propitiate Goddess Lakshmi for abundance and prosperity and for overall well-being. Best Regards Swati and Gangi Ubbara. Sir Confusion with respect to stay in new house previous day of griha pravesha – that is after completion vaastu shanthi homa – Kindly clarify: I am planning to do Griha pravesha on 29 July or 12 Aug is it a auspicious day or not please suggest any better day and time One of the oldest and most commonly practised housewarming ceremonies is the Gruhapravesam.

Is it ok to do so.

I had constucted a house, it was lying vacant for a year and finally when I was getting it ready for house warming, My wife got pregnant 2 months.

A Ganesh puja, Navagraha Shanti, which means worship of the nine planets and a Vastu puja, are generally performed. If you are entering a rented house then you need not to do small puja. Did you perform the grahapravesam. Are there any others at the end of June or in July Choosing the right time and date for the ceremony is vital; performing the ceremony on auspicious days will bring good fortune, so make sure to consult with a priest before preparing for the big moving day.


The […] Auspicious days to celebrate Important things to consider Celebrating in style. Namaste, Please do it during Brahma Muhurtha 4. My name is subhashini Dhanishta Nakshtramand my husband name is yalamanda.

Top Gruhapravesam Tips for Your New Home

My father died on December 27th and our house closing is tomorrow Feb gruhapraesam and move is scheduled for the Feb 5th. Hi we would like to do gruhapravesham for a resale flat. I can assure you, if you did any of the religious activity before entering new place then you will live happy and peaceful life.

Hi, is it safe to move into a resale home before July 28, from your perspective? Sacred Vedic texts lay great importance on conducting a ceremony before starting to live a life in the house that is newly built.

Is this a good day? During the Gruhapravesam It is considered very auspicious to take the first step into entering your house with your right foot. You have to check your horoscope with an Astrologer to find more accuracy in Grah Pravesh Dates.

Digging of earth, cutting of trees and breaking of stones — three doshas incur when this happens. It will bring positive energy to your home.