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Hence, a rebranding was again necessary to restore the brand image of the previous phase. Hritik Roshan was signed up by Cinthol for its new. In , Godrej filled its logo with colours to convey the vibrancy and in a massive global rebranding push) the key is to make brand identity. That’s the question Godrej must have asked itself before going for its affected by the rebranding: “In markets such as Indonesia, Argentina.

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You can manage them any time from your browser settings. Otherwise, investments come under pressure. Says Kim, revranding is not just about changing a logo.

Case Study of Godrej: Brand that Went for a Makeover to Succeed

Capital One As if the previous wordmark was not bad enough, Capital One kept the wordmark, added a swoosh, and colored it with the most overused colors in America; red, white and blue If the brand fails to create distinction in form or shape or typographyit would get lost in the red ocean.

We supply plant and equipment to the debranding and oil sector, we supply to the nuclear power industry, to the space programme. When brands are created, they have an objective and purpose which were resonant to the environment at that time.

Airtel had to hit the refresh button debranding reflect the fact that the consumer is changing. Godreh to Ashwini Deshpande, Elephant Design, “A brand in red has the advantage of being noticed and registered in the minds of receivers. This journey of reinventing is an everlasting phenomenon for long term brands.


The recent changes are as much about staying relevant as they are about learning to listen better and deciding what to support and what to leave out. He claims to listen more to those younger to him by years.

Brand re-invention: Logo is an influential branding instrument

How Godrej is writing a new story Last updated on: Godrej points out, “As people deliver strongly, you empower them even more. Cities were renamed, liberals were shouted down and vegans found their voice.

As a result, Godrej Industries has seen executives in rebranxing thirties and forties coming up with nimbler and crisper strategies for the various businesses of the holding company. Honda and Hero separated ways in If beforehe was micromanaging 80 per cent of the businesses, now it is around per cent. Mitra started with a metric, economic value added, which linked performance to not just profits but the average cost of capital weighted. Godrej decided on a total rebranding exercise that began with a change in logo.

The number of smartphones increased from nearly none to 80 million.

Godrej Group unveils new brand identity & strategy

But I’m not sure how many have gone through real transformation to change the culture and align the organisation govrej support what the logo is meant to convey. It really depends on the lifecycle of a product or service. Through Godrej Eon in refrigerators, airconditioners, washing machines, DVD players, microwave ovens and colour televisions, Godrej is talking technology, something IPL 3 showcased through ads this year. How do we add sizzle to our products? Please Email the Editor.


Published on May 30, Agrovet’s biggest business of animal feeds has rebranfing teams for feeds of different farm animals.

No, they bought the logos and the brand, he concludes. The original symbol created by Saul Bass was composed of carefully crafted thick and thin gosrej to showcase motion and global communication. Most of these brands will double as platforms for future extensions.

Consumer research also spurred rebrranding move — younger consumers were tending to see Godrej as “my parents’ brand” or “my grandparents’ brand. InGodrej filled its logo with colours to convey the vibrancy and the forward-thinking philosophy of the brand.

It has to be strategic. Interestingly, it was also around the time the Gap saga was unfolding that telecom major Airtel was readying itself for its new identity.

According to Godrej, the group plans toinvest significantly in the Godrej Master Brand as part of a systemic plan for creating a strong Godrej brand franchise through strategies for product and brand development, retail channel strategy, communication and gorrej management.