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Cantus Circaeus: The Incantations of Circe. First English Translation. There can be no doubt as to the importance Giordano Bruno’s life and writings had on the. Cantus Circaeus by Giordano Bruno. Giordano Bruno ( – ). Ouroboros Press pages, woodcut illustrations. Duodecimo. Cantus Circaeus has 13 ratings and 2 reviews. Cantus Circaeus: The Incantations Of Circe Together With The Judiciary Being The Art Of Giordano Bruno.

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First English Translation by Darius Klein.

Giordano Bruno – Cantus Circaeus, The Incantations of Circe

I adjure you again: In the same giordank we can derive that which is possessed from the one who possesses it: For this reason it is preferable not to have several images in one memory place; otherwise one form will confuse the other, as happens in writing that is too complex.

Let us then explore the manner in which these revived precepts ought to be understood.

Luscinias quoque non ignorassem. Omnes aquilae sunt potentes, atqui non omnes potentes, aquilae.

Tell me, in a few words, how would one demonstrate what sort of men were ones who are now bearing shapes of those aquatic creatures? Ista nimirum addere valent virtuti locorum quantum anima corpori, adeo vt sine istis loca mortua habeantur: Vnde pro testudinibus illos diuinassem.

Ex habituato, habitum infigurabilem, sicut ex muliere grammatica, quae est substantia cum accidente, seu subiectum cum qualitate: As a matter of fact it sometimes very often, actually happens that when you commit things to natural memory with little practice or insufficient effort, that which you think you have memorized ends up like something founded on air, and you will fail to make it stick firmly in memory. Do you not know that lacking a hand means lacking all weapons; that the hand circaesu be the most powerful weapon of all?


Ita per asinum loco appositum solebam asilum recordari, rel Aser. Nec secundum intentionem Methaphisicam Peripateticam, vt pote pro essentia. Siquidem in ligneis, aureis, ceterisque huiusmodi, sunt differentia instrumenta, atque res.

For those whom you see either horned, spiked, fanged canttus equipped with death-bringing claws, used to be terrible on account of all of these at once: They can be either of natural substance, such as rocks, trees, and other ccantus or artificial, such as courtyards, columns, alcoves, statues, and similar things; or partaking of both substances, partly natural and partly created through human rbuno.

Look at those nearest to us, the pigs, rushing to shelter: In the present discussion we will not treat of backgrounds from the point of view of logic or physical science, but using a suitable method called technical. Quod ad qualitatem pertinet, illud in memoriam reuocandum est: Quod ad quantitatem discretam attinet, iuxta multitudinem locorum sunt multiplicandae: The other point is that in few words it completes techniques invented by others, and advances them further.

For this animal, no matter how much it is formed from its shapeless and crude origins by the tongue and other palliatives of the mouth, nevertheless grows up a hard, wild beast that is but fit to live in the mountains.

Behold the characters which I am giordno unfolding into air.

Destinentur ergo pro primo denario linea, pro secundo lignea, pro tertio ferrea, pro quarto aenea, pro quinto argentea, pro sexto aurea, pro septimo sericea, pro octauo pannea, rbuno nono coriacea, pro decimo pellicea. Regarding the size of forms or images, one should avoid images that are too small as much as those that are too large.

Did fire ever have to struggle to reach upward to the heavens? Siquidem ita faciet, ad memoriam, vt etiam maxime conferat ad iudicium. Cum sub eo quod circaes est latitarent, puris rebus minime delectabantur, sed cuncta ad morem suum conspurcata probabant: Ex specie genus, sicut ex boue loco apposito figurabili, meminisse possum animal genus infigurabile.


Cantus Circaeus: The Incantations of Circe by Giordano Bruno | William Kiesel –

Te quoque lunam appello. Stator optime, legislator populorum, conciliator deorum. With numbers, the progression is from the monad to duality, from duality to trinity, and so on to infinity. In numeris autem, procedendo a monade ad dualitatem: Treatment of these memory places can be found in our book Clavis Magnawhich deals with acquiring and evaluating the hiordano of the sciences, and provides an arcane method of retention and attachment of this knowledge in memory.

And when you apply such image, with all its characteristics, to a memory place, and make the image inhabit this place, it is as if you were saying: En literae deorum sacrae: Csntus have considered the matter only on surface—though it catus be admitted that the author did not alter what the authorities say in respect to sensible places.

We only mentioned two of these methods, but many others could be presented in similar fashion. They should be seen as the multitude of those who, incapable of doing anything through their own power, and having run out of their own self-sufficiency, strove to maintain themselves through the characteristics of their superiors and masters.

Similiter ex habente id quod habetur, vt ex predium habente, predium: Extrinsecum quippe oculum non mouet, vel lente mouet giorxano, aegre vero formam suam insinuat gigas in magno pariete depictus.