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You can find them at ) As I read this book written by Gingery, I noticed that the molds were machined with a lathe and made from aluminum. The general agreement here is that the gingery lathe is a POS, and that you should only build one for practice, not for actually using it. ive been a member here for some time mostly just reading and now this section has been added i may be able to contribute. this is my casting project. i.

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I do have it cast, I just need to finish it. View post on imgur. My hobby had to support itself and it didn’t have a lathe in its budget. View post on imgur. The object is to make them like one piece of material. I can remember our casting course in the higher technical college where we had to use them so that gjngery air is trapped within the lathw. Get the Magazine Make: Then green sand castings are used to make a metal lathe.

Gingery-style homemade metal lathe builds

I had neither a lathe nor a way to cast aluminum. A bit of humor watching a bunch of hams trying to remove a nonexistent lathf from the photo copy I handed out at radio club meeting.

The Gingery books and, really, most DIY books from that era are: My question is, what are the specific issues with the Gingery lathe and how could we fix those issues? Brass usually sets the machine to chattering. You can cast metal cheaply without much outlay of cash by building this furnace and it is an excellent start for a beginner. I built the lathe, scaled up to Fine sand from the bottom of a Virginia trout stream mixed with bentonite clay for a binder was my molding sand.


I guess that sounds a bit like star wars or something. The books in the series are, in the suggested sequence of. I corresponded with Dave back when the books first came out.

In the meantime, keep making stuff! No doubt you are seeing that tape. It would be nice to have an array of chucks to reduce set-up time. Thanks for signing up. Preloaded ball bearing sets would also be okay if they were beefy enough. Not a muscle moves for nothing.

David J. Gingery – Wikipedia

Once I built the furnace and discovered that I could actually melt metal with it, I was hooked. That with making the castings from iron as well. The plate glass trick is in the shaper book–I’m not sure if it’s also in the lathe book or not. I made me a Gingery lathe, it’s almost been 10 years now since starting it, I have it in working condition, but I have yet to completely finish it, I got a real latheI haven’t finished the tail stock yet.

The aluminum lathe components do not have the mass or rigidity of a commercially made lathe. Coal forged mushrooms and inlaws do NOT taste good. If you are interested expanding your horizons and in the education and experience, build it. I ordered his booklet entitled build a flowerpot crucible furnace.

Gingery-style homemade metal lathe builds | Make:

The lathe and foundry are then used to make more complicated machine tools. Also, aluminum used unprotected in the bearing surfaces of the slides is soft. I built mine because I had just quit work as a machinist due to my health, after 2 years I needed a fix on making metal chips, that’s when I came across this web site and seen Lionel’s lathe.


The series provided just enough detail, drawings, and advice to allow the hobbyist to fill in the rest. Notify me of new posts via email. Right when I was ready to give up on the idea of plastic injection I stumbled on Lionel Oliver’s site at www. Thanks for the encouraging words, Gerrit.

Results 1 to 10 of Nice feedback like this really makes me want to complete the shaper, mill, and other projects too. American inventors American technology gingdry births deaths 20th-century inventors American scientist stubs. And yes, many of the parts would be a little light in cast iron as well.

David J. Gingery

If ya cant cast it, Forge it RSS http: All I can say about the book was that it caused my hobby to take a latye turn to a territory that I had never explored. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

The series of books start out with the charcoal foundry. Off the top of my head: