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Gigartina chamissoi () , · Sphaerococcus chamissoi C. Agardh, Environment. marine. Original description. Not documented. Peru gigartina chamissoi seaweeds is supplied by ☆ gigartina chamissoi seaweeds manufacturers, producers, suppliers on Global Sources. Family: Gigartinaceae. Gigartina chamissoi image. Description Not Yet Available. Gigartina chamissoi. Open Interactive Map. Gigartina chamissoi image. Click to.

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Detailed distribution with sources Click to Load. The information is from the Literature database. They have found them to be antibacterial as well as antiviral.

Experts also regard it as an anti-coagulant. The iodine helps boost your metabolism.

Vegetarians, muscle builders, athletes and dieters need healthy protein. Algaebase is sponsored by: Scientists have discovered that these carragreenans may possess some unique medicinal properties.

Type species The type species holotype of the genus Gigartina is Gigartina pistillata S. Mit 80 farbig gedruckten Tafeln, gezeichnet und gravirt vom Verfasser.


WoRMS – World Register of Marine Species – Chondracanthus chamissoi () Kützing,

Gigartina Chamissoi is a leafy red seaweed containing a plethora of beneficial polysaccharides carragreenans. Repeating structures of galactan sulphates from Furcellaria fastigiata, Gigartina canaliculata, G.

Phycologia generalis oder Anatomie, Physiologie und Systemkunde der Tange. Guiry in Guiry, M.

Gigartina Chamissoi and its Amazing Benefits

Key references Dawson, E. These things are thought to fight bacteria as well as viruses! In fact, carragreenans may also be anti-herpetic able to kill the herpes viruses and anti-coagulant. For one, it has iodine, which is important if you want your thyroid glands to function normally.

Gigartina chamissoi

Beihefte zur Nova Hedwigia Algae maris Mediterranei et Adriaticiobservationes in diagnosin specierum et dispositionem generum. Type information Type locality: Status of name This name is currently regarded as a synonym of Chondracanthus chamissoi C.

The seaweeds of Peru. Apud Fortin, Masson et Cie. Verification of data Users are responsible for verifying the accuracy of information before use, as noted on the website Content page. World-wide electronic publication, National University of Ireland, Galway.


The Miracle of Millennia Vhamissoi few plants have been given as much attention from health experts as aloe vera. Citing AlgaeBase Cite this record as: You can find it off the Pacific coast of Peru, although you should just head off to the nearest health store if you want to buy it regularly.

Even better than good, in fact, since Body Balance has ten excellent ingredients and Gigartina Chamissoi is just one of them. It also has important nutrients like sodium and potassium.

It lifts you up and calms you at the same time.