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SUPPORT HOME · Software · MANUALS · HOW TO DOWNLOAD MANUALS You can view, download and/or print your manual. Need help downloading?. GigaPan Capture Studio Manual. Capture Studio Overview. GigaPan Capture Studio allows you, the Photographer, the ability to tether your laptop directly to. GigaPan manuals are available to download and print. Choose your manual by visiting the manuals download page. Follow the directions below on how to.

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EPIC Pro moves and before actuating gigalan shutter. The first menu option, ‘New Panorama’, will appear. Capturing a Crowd Sporting events, races or crowds of people are great opportunities to take an epic shot that captures every detail of the moment.

Shutter Mode – Allows you to choose how the unit will operate your camera’s shutter.

EPIC Introduction

By not paying close attention You can set ‘Aspect Ratio’ to the following values of width to height 1: There are three ways for you to specify the location of your panorama: You also have the ability to embed your uploaded panorama on any website.

Page 36 Exploring Gigapan. Camera Rail – Holds the camera mounting plate and can be adjusted forward or back to accommodate the size of your camera and lens.

Take your first panorama! Here is an overview of how easy and fun it is to use the GigaPan System, in 4 simple steps: Now remove the camera mounting plate and attach it to your camera or lens. Ensure that the legs have a solid footing on the ground and that the tripod is relatively level. Robust amnual durable, yet compact and lightweight degree panoramic range-of-motion Easy-to-navigate menu with illuminated display Simple maanual mount and bubble level allow for quick set-up Removable battery pack.


You can set the value to Time per pic, 0. You can download Google Earth from http: If you are using a 50mm or mm prime lens you might disable ‘Mirror Lockup’. Move the small silver pin below the lever clockwise and rotate the lever clockwise to release the camera mounting plate. By paying close attention to the focus both before and during shooting, you can create panoramas wih ulta high manjal and incredible clarity in their detail.

Set your camera to the proper settings. Camera Mounting Platform – Holds the camera rail and can be adjusted up or down to accommodate your camera. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. GigaPan Stitch software automatically takes all your photos and combines them into one manal panorama. When you upload your panorama to GigaPan. Capturing stunning gigapixel images is easy with the GigaPan System. Some menu items will be available dependent upon other settings.

Page 7 Platform Thumbscrews – Loosen or tighten the thumbscrews to move the camera mounting platform.

The quick menu is accessed by pressing and holding the left X button for one to two seconds. Also See for Epic Pro User manual – 58 pages. About Us Site Map. Good Overlap Insufficient Overlap 2. About Us Site Map. Adjust the height and center the rubber tip of the button pusher over your camera’s shutter button, then tighten the black screws. Menu Options Glossary for Firmware Version gihapan Use the instructions in Chapter 3 to take a panorama, and preview the images in your camera.

Choose a unique point and move the lens so that the point is at the top of the lens. Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to sidebar Membership.


End the sequence with the OK button. Shutter Length – When using autofocus with difficult subjects mqnual setting allows you to incrementally increase the amount of time that the manuao signal is asserted to achieve good focus. It is important to allow enough time for the camera to process the current photograph and copy the data from the cameras buffer memory to the flash memory.

If you recorded your coordinates using a GPS receiver, enter them in the text boxes below the map. Motors Rigid The ‘On’ setting will help hold large lenses in position when you are not in a ‘Move’ mode, or actively capturing a panorama.

Download Manuals, EPIC Pro Manual, EPIC Manual, EPIC Manual & Quick Start Guides

You can take up to 20 pictures at each position. This setting allows you to set the number of photographs that will be triggered per position.

Quick Menu Setup – Allows you to change which six items will be accessible from the quick menu. Page 37 GigaPan User Guide Loosen the gigapqn thumbscrews to allow for adjustment of the camera mounting plate and lens height.

The Remote setting will use the electronic trigger cable to connect the EPIC Pro to the remote shutter port on your camera. To reach submenus within a menu option, push the OK button once you reach the desired main menu option, then the down button to access the submenu choices. Visit today to share, explore and discover. Night shots Here are a few tips for shooting panoramas at night.