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The Furuno LS is the little brother to the LS with a slightly smaller screen size, but with all of the power and features to satisfy both entry level and more. Furuno LS Fishfinder is a high contrast monochrome fishfinder with a large screen designed for small craft. Furuno LS has 5 display pages including. The Furuno LS is a dual frequency fish finder designed for small pleasure craft. It features a waterproof 5” high-definition silver bright LCD.

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Furuno LS-4100 Operator’s Manual

For any NG, request service. Shifting the range The basic range may be shifted up or down in the manual mode as follows: Single frequency display 50 kHz The sounder uses ultrasonic signals to detect bottom conditions. Adjusting the gainftftftftft60ft30ft15ftThe [GAIN] key adjusts la sensitivity ofthe receiver.

If the depthindication is unstable in automaticoperation, or the bottom echo cannot bedisplayed in the darkest gray tone byadjusting the gain controls in manualoperation, you may adjust the bottomecho level detection circuit, for both 50kHz and kHz, to stabilize theindication.

Furuno LS Fishfinder, no transducers Price

Display unitHow to remove the hard cover1. Construction of fairing block3. For any NG,request service.

Do not disassemble or modify theequipment. There are no uer-serviceable partsinside. LowAuto mode options window4.

Leave slack in cables to facilitate checking and maintenance. Sediment in the water or reflectionsfrom plankton may be painted on thedisplay in low intensity tones. Carefully remove anymarine life with a piece of wood orfine-grade sandpaper. Automatic function permits unattended adjustment of range and gain.


5″ LCD SOUNDER LS | Fish Finder | Products | FURUNO

The time remaining until power is turned off is counted down on the screen. All default basic ranges arerestored whenever the depth unit ischanged. Depth, temperature, speed setting window The unit beeps, the startup screen appears, and then the equipment checks the ROM and RAM for proper operation and displays program number. The waypoint list appears,with the erased waypoint blank. Below is thebasic menu operating procedure. Mounting location To ensure the best performance, the sensor must be submerged in aeration-free and turbulence-free water.

Thismode is useful for determining bottomcontour. Page 1 or Page 2 of the main menu appears depending on the page last used. Forplaning hulls, a practical location isgenerally rather far astern, so that thetransducer is always in waterregardless of the planing attitude.

Apply a sufficient amount of high quality caulking compound to the top surface of the transducer, around the threads of the stuffing tube and inside the mounting hole and fairing Fill the gap between the wedge front of the transducer and transom with epoxy material to eliminate any air spaces.

To restore normal operation, turn off the power and then turn it on again. Page 13 Basic ranges default 3. Page 3 A warning label is attached to the equipment.

Coat with silicone sealant. Position the second cable clamphalfway between the first clamp andthe cable hole.

Furuno LS-4100 Manuals

Therefore, any position data should be verified against other sources to confirm reliability. Setting Up Nav Data Displays 1. Choose the number ofnavigation data items to display on thenav data displays, from two, three orfour items. The sounder uses ultrasonic signals todetect bottom conditions. Registering a waypoint on thescreen1. During the developmental phase the reliability and availability of the WAAS signal cannot be guaranteed.


Position the cover over the cable where it enters the hull. Page 4 The installer of the equipment is solely responsible for the proper installation of the equipment.

Electronic chart display and information system ecdis pages.

The start upscreen appears with the maximumbrilliance. Lower HalfSaw along slopeof hull. This mode is useful for determining bottom contour. Therefore, the 50 kHz frequency is useful for general detection and judging bottom condition. The auto mode in use is shown as Auto-Fishing or Auto-Cruising at the top left corner on the screen.

Do not position the sensorfarther into the water than necessaryto avoid increasing drag, spray, andwater noise and reducing boatspeed.

Page 8 Note 1: Page 13 Adjusting the gainftftftftft60ft30ft15ftThe [GAIN] key adjusts the sensitivity ofthe receiver.

Do not remove the label. Page 36 Transom hole: Page 1 or Page 2 ofthe main menu appears dependingon the page last used. Be sure no water leaks in at the transducer or sensor mounting location. To suppress interference, do thefollowing: Display Range and display shift concept 1. Attaching the sensor to the bracket2.