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Dreddit, an EVE Online corporation for users and friends of Reddit. Founding corporation of Test Alliance Please Ignore. To join. CBF. CRF. CRE. RIF. CBF. RF. CBF. CRE. CRE. RIF. RE. CRE. CR. CRE. BF. CE. CRE. REL. CBF. REL. CRE. RE. CRE IL. CRL. CREIL. CRE. CRE. CR. RE. External links. DOTLAN EveMaps If you prefer a 2D view, you can press Flatten Map on the World Map Control Panel. Also there you can.

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Still wandering the ways of high sec empire space, I thought the site looked interesting, 2e could not see it as essential to my ventures.

But as a utility that transmit information to the user it is sub-par. Mik Nostrebor 11 Percent Likes received: Have you heard anything I’ve said?

EVE General Discussion

It is a shining beacon both for the community and as to how much the efforts 2c the community matter to this game. The Tiles section lists each faction and the color assigned to them. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Every single dot on the map is a system in itself. There on the front page you can see alliance movements, recent data on the most violent systems in the game, and sovereignty changes.

This tab allows you to select the objects you want to see in evemape Solar System Map. Is there any similar printable map tool or document being evemaaps today?

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Click on the star map tab, click on statistics, and click on the following options one at a time:. This page has been accessed 22, times. You can also choose to color the lines in different ways:.


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Cancel reply Enter your comment here Paranoid Loyd Likes received: Don Pera Saissore i think i have seen once a map of all lowsec sistems, was that made by this guy? I cannot imagine the game without it. Maps are so useful in games like EVE Online. Just get used to dotlan like the rest of us had to – including Ombey himself: If you set multiple waypoints and want to determine the shortest round trip, this is the place to do it.

Also there you can switch between the star map and the solar system map. You said it’s all circling the drain, the whole universe. Note that the map is not a replacement for the up-to-the-moment information a scout can provide, but helps in the absence of a scout.

A Decade of DOTLAN EVEMaps

You can choose between options like the actual colors of the star, where you have assets, how many pilots are active in space, etc. If you right click the search result, you are given varying options. Moksa Elodie Hijo de la Luna Likes received: I mean, the in-game map is beautiful.

As such, it can take some time to learn what the map tool can do for you. You will then be presented with a 3D view of the whole galaxy. I was suddenly in a part of the game where systems had crazy alphanumeric designations rather than unpronounceable names, I had no idea how to get places, and my overview was suddenly vitally important at all times because random strangers could show up at any time to shoot me.


Hover your cursor over the resulting dots scattered over the map to see what complex is there and the DED rating it has. It is impressive as hell. I once had a printed set of the ombey maps.

That was around the middle of If a route will take a pilot through low sec or 0. Also you can choose which of the shown objects should have additional information directly displayed and which not. You are commenting using your WordPress. Dotlan has more features and since it’s not pdf, it’s more usable for day to day in-browser. Retrieved from ” https: As an aside Ombey returned to game recently after years The alliance Fraternity got out and deployed the final null sec outpost just hours before the deadline.

Nosha Trading Empire Of course, outposts are gone now, converted to citadels last month. Previous Topic Next Topic. I wrote a piece a couple years back about the top five problems with the game, and I limited myself to five and a bonus item, but believe me the in-game map was in the running for a spot on that list.

If you are running missions and find yourself in need of repairs, to find the nearest repair facility: