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The Evolved Packet Core portfolio includes SGSN/MME* and Mobile Packet Gateway – software upgrades of the existing SGSN and GGSN. PDF | SGSN and GGSN are the two core network elements of the general packet radio service which enables Ahmad Ali Habeeb at Ericsson. GGSN communicates to SGSN and when it receives data variables. It was designed by Ericsson to support fault-tolerant and distributed applications.

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The disadvantages of the prior art are that prior implementations of the 3G packet core gsn a pool of servers that are dedicated to a specific network entity, such as a server pool that gvsn dedicated to hosting a SGSN. Cloud computer systems can also support secure multi-tenancy, in which the cloud computer system provider offers virtual private network VPN -like connections between the client’s distributed office networks outside the cloud and a VPN within the cloud computing system.

To catch such packets, the OpenFlow controller must program the switch with the following two rules: The forwarding table is populated with entries consisting of a rule defining matches for fields in packet headers; an action associated to the flow match; and a collection of statistics on the flow. The Openflow controller programs the GTP header field rules in addition to the other fields to perform GTP routing and adds appropriate actions if the rule is matched.

In one embodiment, a new type based on a random number for GTP flow matching is defined:. Netscout Video Resource Center. Devices, methods, and computer readable storage devices for collecting information and sharing information associated with session flows between communication devices and servers.

The configuration protocol must support messages that perform the following functions: User data plane packets that require extension headers, sequence numbers, or N-PDU numbers during GTP encapsulation require special handling by the software slow path.

PS Core Engineer (Back Office Ericsson SGSN/MME, GGSN/MPG, iDNS, SAPC)

Each control plane module in the plurality of control plane modules is initialized as a separate VM by the cloud manager. The flow rules and actions to distinguish which peering point the traffic should traverse are installed in the OpenFlow switches and gateways A, B by the OpenFlow controller The parsing process matches a packet header by initializing a set of match fields Block and checking for the presence of a set of different header types.


The following actions push a control plane VLAN tag onto the packet and forward it to the cloud for processing by the relevant control plane entity. Post a Comment Read 2 comments. Sgzn content is originally not formulated for the UE’s screen, so the OpenFlow controller has installed flow rules and actions on the GGSN 1 B, SGSN and the OpenFlow switches to route the flow through a transcoding application in the cloud computing facility.

The mask is combined with the message type and header field of the packet using logical AND; the result becomes the value of the match. This allows the client’s applications within the cloud computing system to operate in a network environment that resembles a corporate WAN. If the switch supports gbsn resolution protocol ARPthen there are a series of steps for processing the ARP header Blocks and To define a flow, all the available matching fields may be used.

The cloud manager can be a VM or an application executed within the cloud computing ssgsn The source port number is dynamically allocated by the sending node. The core network also contains databases and network management functions.

For decapsulation virtual ports, the physical port is an input port.

Gateway GPRS Support Node – Wikipedia

To realize a certain network QoS Service with clearly defined characteristics and functionality is to be set up from the source to the destination of a service. For encapsulation virtual ports, the physical port is an output port. Similarly, the cloud manager may detect the failure or the underutilization of one of gbsn plurality of control plane modules Block The operation of the 3G PC cloud computer system works as follows.

A check is made to determine the vgsn table to process, which can be the next table sequentially or one specified by an action of a matching rule Block The requests originate from applications on remote machines on the Internet and therefore the security and privacy requirements are much looser than for applications in a private corporate network. Huawei Video Resource Center. In one embodiment, cloud computing systems gggsn support web services applications. The secure channel can be provided by any type of network including a local area network LAN or a wide area network WANsuch as the Internet.


Examples of the non-transitory computer-readable medium include a read only memory ROMa floppy diskette, a CD Rom, a DVD, a flash memory, a hard drive, an optical disc or similar medium. If the 3G PC control plane entities begin to exhibit signs of overloading, such as the utilization of too much CPU time, or the queueing up of sgn much traffic to be processed, the overloaded control plane entity requests that the cloud manager start up a new VM to handle the load.

Such tunnels may ericssoj may not be required.

However, it is understood that embodiments of the invention may be practiced without these specific details. A modification process can be utilize to re-route a subscriber session across the 3G PC network to the same endpoints or to different endpoints.

The managed services company must maintain a completely separate server pool and physical signaling network for each mobile operator it supports. The subscriber session and associated GTP tunnel are deleted when the associated application on the user equipment or the application on the other user equipment or the server application on the other end of the subscriber session terminate the connection.

This encapsulates the packet and sends it to the OpenFlow controller.

Back Office PS Core Engineer (Ericsson SGSN/MME, GGSN/MPG)

The offered services can consist of elastic, on demand processing, storage that for most practical purposes is limited only by the customer’s ability to pay, and network bandwidth into the Internet. Flow generation from second level controller to first level controller to managed switching element. Mapping virtual machines from a private network to a multi-tenant public datacenter.

In further embodiments, a subset of the control plane entities can be virtualized or executed in a cloud computing system while another subset of the control plane entities can be executed in a server, distributed server system or similar system. The control plane entities of the 3G PC architecture can be stored and executed on a single server or distributed across any number of servers or similar computing devices.

The cloud manager can initialize a new control plane module or an instance of such a control plane module as a separate virtual machine Block