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The Vatican Sayings (Unabridged). This collection of maxims, titled “The Sayings of Epicurus” – or alternatively, “The Voice of Epicurus” – was rediscovered in. THE VATICAN COLLECTION OF EPICUREAN SAYINGS Introduction The as some of the Principal Doctrines, and some are not by Epicurus himself but rather . 2 quotes from Epicurus: Letters, Principal Doctrines, and Vatican Sayings: ‘The wise man who has become accustomed to necessities knows better how to sha.

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We do not so much need the assistance of our friends as we do the confidence of their assistance in need. Return to Book Page.

Epicurus Letters, Principal Doctrines, and Vatican Sayings: : Books

You don’t control tomorrow, yet you postpone joy. Necessity is an evil, but there is no necessity to live under the control of necessity. Should such a life happen to achieve great wealth, this too it can share so as to gain the good will of one’s neighbors. The stomach is not insatiable, as the many say, but rather the opinion that the stomach requires an unlimited amount of filling is false. This translation excludes the sayings commonly attributed to other authors or repeated from the Principal Doctrines.

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Epicurus: Letters, Principal Doctrines, and Vatican Sayings by Epicurus

The following translation follows that of Cyril Bailey except where noted. Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics b22 ; however “the object of desire” is more readable in modern English. For if parents are justifiably angered at their children, it is surely pointless to resist and not ask to be forgiven; but if [their anger] is not batican but somewhat irrational, it is ridiculous for someone with irrationality in his heart to appeal to someone set against appeals and not to seek in spirit of satings will to win him over by other means.


AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Let nothing be done in your life which will cause you to fear if it is discovered by your neighbour. Dreams have neither a divine nature nor a prophetic power, but they are the result of images that impact on us. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

In all other occupations the fruit comes painfully after completion, but in philosophy pleasure goes hand in eayings with knowledge; for enjoyment does not follow comprehension, but comprehension and enjoyment are simultaneous. When the wise man is brought face to face with the necessities of life, he knows how to give rather than receive — such a treasury of self-sufficiency has he epkcurus. We must heal sayinngs misfortunes by the grateful recollection of what has been and by the recognition that it is impossible to undo that which has been done.

This is a collection of Epicurus’ writings. The love of money, if unjustly gained, is impious, and, if justly, shameful; for it is inappropriate to be miserly even with justice on one’s side.

One should not spoil what is present by desiring what is absent, but rather reason out that these things too [i. You are commenting using your Twitter sayiings.

A free person is unable to acquire great wealth, because that is not easily achieved without enslavement to the masses or to the powers that be. Erifili rated it really liked it Nov 14, The playwright Menander served in the same age-class of the ephebes as Epicurus.

Eric rated it it was amazing Jul 29, All bodily suffering is easy to disregard: We must not pretend to study philosophy, but study it in reality, for it is not the appearance of health that we need, but real health. But if by chance he should have great wealth, he could easily share it with his fellows to win their goodwill.

For the former makes gratitude a matter for commercial transaction, while the latter kills off vatlcan hope for the future. This is not to say that Epicurus favored the kind of enculturation that was common in ancient Greece see for instance Vatican Sayings 45 and 46 along with Fragments and Nature must be persuaded, not forced. We should not spoil what we have by desiring what we do not have, but remember that what we have too was the gift of fortune.


Alessandra rated it really liked it Sep 14, Let us utterly drive from us our bad habits as if they were evil men who have long done us great harm.

The “Vatican Collection” of the Sayings of Epicurus

But it was worth the read. On-line English translation of this collection of short Epicurean sayings, mainly on ethics. Meditations on the Philosophy of History. Get to Know Us. Let us show our feeling for our lost friends not by lamentation but by meditation. The ungrateful greed of the soul makes the creature everlastingly desire varieties of in its lifestyle.

Some men throughout their lives spend their time gathering together the means of life, for they do not see that the draught swallowed by all of us at birth is a draught of death.

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We are born only once and cannot be born twice, and must forever live no more. Some men spend their whole life furnishing for themselves the things proper to life without realizing that at our birth each of us was poured a mortal brew to drink. If parents have cause to be angry with their children, of course it is foolish to resist, and thus not try to beg for forgiveness.