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The Networking Architecture of BlazeDS BlazeDS provides a clean separation of the Selection from Agile Enterprise Application Development with Flex [Book]. In this example I am going to use Spring+BlazeDS integration API for integrating backend Spring based J2EE layer into client layer Flex. So the User Interface is produced using Flex and to take care of the remoting we can use BlazeDS which is Open Source from Adobe. BlazeDS.

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The ActionScriptAdapter helps route messages between Flex clients via the server. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Setting a Lazy Fetch on the Region attribute of Country. Stay updated via RSS.

By this article I am going to share the basic and essential part of this API that helps to understand the integration process. After this steps this project will look like below in project explorer of Eclipse IDE.

Flash Builder 4 Download trial. Instead, you only need to add a reference to a shared library in the weblogic-application. Program that intercepts all communication between a Flash Player and a Java server.

Using Flex, BEA Workshop, and BlazeDS for Enterprise RIAs

Therefore, any Hibernate adapter needs to preserve the proxy characteristics while keeping the standard behavior of the essential serialization and deserialization mechanism between Flex and Java intact. To enable the spring integration these classes needs to be configured in the services-config file.

Java web application that leverages the Bkazeds Servlets specification. Messaging systems involve two typical messaging domains: Off the shelf, the Flex framework includes three methods of pull-based communication and data interchange with external data sources: May 16, at 7: In addition to the endpoints, BlazeDS includes adapters that provide the critical compatibility between the core BlazeDS Servlet that talks to Flex and a server-side resource such as a JMS resource, a persistent data store, or an Object-Relational mapping layer.

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Non-blocking channels allow for greater number of connections to be served provided they are not all active at the same time always. May 21, at 7: BlazeDS is deployed as an web appication. This file contains the bean definitions used by the DispatcherServlet.

Using Flex, BEA Workshop, and BlazeDS for Enterprise RIAs – James Ward

Suppose you have an web application with a service layer implemented by spring beans and want to get a richer user interface? Flex and BlazeDS, together with the Oracle WebLogic Server, enable you to build a fast, scalable, and high availability enterprise solution based on industry standards.

The configuration file services-config. All built-in adapter classes inherit from the ServiceAdapter abstract class. May 16, at ennterprise Further, because Enterprise JavaBeans is an industry standard, there are plenty of resources and books available to help developers get started. January 20, at 8: Selecting the WebLogic home folder.

The Networking Architecture of BlazeDS – Agile Enterprise Application Development with Flex [Book]

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here A channel can be configured as follows: In web scale applications scalability is an important criteria for success. January 20, at 6: After completing this tutorial you can make your own enterprise application, and with Oracle WebLogic you won’t have to worry about the performance or availability of your application. Context initialization failed org.

ServiceAdapter abstract class sits at the root of the hierarchy. January 19, at 5: Follow these steps to create the web application: Among others, the BlazeDS proxy capabilities have three important use cases including: Now all the configuration lavel part is done and move to Class lavel coding.


Agile Enterprise Application Development with Flex by Tony Hillerson

BlazeDS remoting services optimally combine a Flex client and a Java server and allow a developer to distribute workload across the wire in ways without necessarily imposing the overheads that loose coupling like XML based interactions over HTTP and web services do.

Abstract classes not only define a contract like interfaces do but also define behavior through partial method implementations. HTTP request-response Web services Remote procedure calls involving objects A possible demoting configuration could be as follows: The three alternative serverside message services in Spring BlazeDS are:.

The RTMP specification was proprietary until the beginning of this year and has most recently been opened up to public.

Here are some additional resources for further reading: Can easily be used as a remoting destination simply by specifying a configuration as follows:. You can now see the countries and regions tables that will be used in this article see Figure 8. The APR based Apache Tomcat Native library which allows optimal performance in production environments was not found on the java.

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