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The E6B flight computer, nicknamed the “whiz wheel” or “prayer wheel”, is a form of circular Manual E6Bs/CRP-1s remain popular with some users and in some environments rather than the electronic ones because they are lighter, smaller. A Pilots Guide on How to use the E6B Flight Computer by lriccc in Types > Instruction manuals. E6B Flight Computer Instructions. Instructions for the E6B Flight Computer. ASA’s E6-B features a wind component grid and comprehensive crosswind correction.

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This is incredible…you have no idea how helpful this is. On the positive side, It means any number on the scale can represent any order of magnitude of computef number.

On the negative side, it means that you have to know the expected order of magnitude of your answer. A year or so later it was changed to AN, and then to AN D6b back side is used for calculating wind correction only crab angle and groundspeed.

Mastering the Mechanical E6B in 20 Minutes | The Blog of Michael Soroka

The Private Pilots License Course: The best feature is its lack of batteries. Learning how to use an E6B is going to be a piece of cake! Otherwise was a very good read! Yes, there are modern electronic versions of the E6B out there which have all of the functionality of a mechanical E6B and can easy be learned by reading the six page instruction sheet in all of about 20 minutes.

Rotate the inner circle so the “10” is opposite the “10” on the outer scale, and note that all the numbers around both circles are identical. The circular portion can be turned.


V gV a and V w are consistent units of speed. The words in quotations above are fliyht first words printed in the 50 page instruction manual that came with my E6B.

How much altitude did you gain? The weather briefer told us that the wind is from degrees at 20 kts. Compter nice thing about the mechanical E6B for these types of problems is that it does not have to be rotated again to calculate different legs if the ground speed is unchanged. The rest are approximated in the scale.

Army Air Corps decided the endless belt computer cost too much to manufacture, so later in Dalton morphed it to a simple, rigid, flat wind slide, with his old Model B circular slide rule included on the reverse.

The advantages of this method are You convert only one true direction to magnetic, not two.

A typical calculation done by this wheel answers the question: The reality of the E6B is that, although it is simple to operate, it is not an intuitive piece of equipment to learn. Im sure over time, you will find the E6B to be faster can a calculator.

E6B – Wikipedia

The metal slider is reversible and has one side for low flighh aircraft like light training planes and one side for high speed aircraft like jets. In the Army wrote formal specifications, and had him make a few changes, which Weems called the Model J. And the batteries are still ticking, huh?

Place TC under True Index. From this point, move horizontally to the left margin commputer determine a headwind component of 26 kt. Fpight this example you will get about 6 degrees. The E6B flight computernicknamed the “whiz wheel” or ” prayer wheel “, is a form of circular slide rule used in aviation and one of the very few analog calculating devices in widespread [ citation needed ] use in the 21st century.


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So he came up with his now famous wind arc slide, but printed on an endless cloth belt moved inside a square box by a knob. Remember, the units you use must be equivalent, i. Knowing that we plan to burn 9 gallons per hour, fomputer can determine how long you can fly as follows:.

Fuel works a lot like those time-speed-distance problems in that knowing two values gives you a third.

The only thing keeping pilots from buying a mechanical E6B is the learning curve. I designed it to be read through and practiced in about 20 minutes, the same time it takes to become familiar with the electronic version.

How To Use A Manual E6B Flight Computer

Modern E6Bs are essentially copies of the original s design anyway! The ease of use of electronic calculators means typical flight training literature [1] does not cover the compuger of calculators or computers at all. The graphic nature comuter the flight computer also helps catching many errors which in part explains their continued popularity.

Navycopied by the Japanese, and improved on by the Germans, through Siegfried Knemeyer ‘s invention of the disc-type Dreieckrechner device, somewhat similar to the eventual E6B’s backside compass rose dial in general appearance, but having the compass rose on the front instead for real-time calculations of the wind triangle at any time while in flight.