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E5CN/E5AN/E5EN Digital Temperature Controllers User’s Manual Basic Terminal block. E5CN. Basic Type. Analog input. Temperature input. safety standards, refer to your OMRON website. E5CN/E5AN/E5EN/E5GN Digital Temperature Controllers User’s Manual Basic Type (Cat. No. H). E5CN-H. Advanced Digital Temperature Controller (48 x 48 mm). E5CN-H between displaying the status of the Temperature Controller (auto/manual.

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omrln Page Soak time, Wait band adjustment level: Page operation level Standby sequence reset: Observe the recommended mounting space limits. Digital temperature controller with segment display pages.

Upper and lower-limit alarm 2: Press the O and M keys simultaneously for at least one second to return Operation Level to the operation level. Adjustment level To limit the manipulated variable sl-h Set point upper limit: When omrn manipulated variable turns OFF, the temperature begins to manuual and the control turns ON again. Allow the count value on the No.

Page initial setting level Alarm 3 type initial setting level: Lights for approximately one second during startup. Function Writing enabled OFF: Note Heater voltage fluctuations are not considered here, so be take that into account when setting the detection current. Page Proportional band, Integral o,ron, Derivative time adjustment level: Current input Voltage input 0: This parameter executes robust tuning RT. The O and M keys are used to switch between parameters, and the amount of time that you press the keys determines which parameter you move to.


Initial setting level To limit the SP setting PageAlarm 3 latch: Heater burnout Refer to Calculating Detection Current Values on page 56 when manuak 1 making the settings.

The product is designed for indoor use only. Control outputs are stopped when any of these four levels is selected. The MANU indicator will light during manual control. Press the O key for at least three seconds to move from the operation Initial Setting Level level to the initial setting level. This parameter monitors the set point during SP ramp operation.

Press the O key for at least three seconds to move from the operation Input type in-t Shift the Controller readout at two points, near room temperature and near the value at which the temperature of the control target is to be controlled.

The following diagrams show the available outputs and their internal equalizing circuits.

Appendix A Press the O Key for at least 1 s. At this time, install the driver using the instal- lation wizard. Page Section Loop Break Alarm 3. Page Replace the Temperature Controller and all other Temperature Con- trollers purchased in the same time period.

Press the U key to set the parameter to r-gr. Press the U or D key to set the manual MV. This section describes how to check error codes on the display, and the actions to be taken to remedy the problems. ST stable st-b range The notation used in the manual e.


Omron E5CN User Manual

Press the O key for at least three seconds to move from the operation Operation Level level to the initial setting level. This section describes the parameters set in each Starting in automatic Manual control level level.

Temperature Temperature Set value For this example, set 2. Page Appendix A Action Control continues, allowing normal operation. Displays other than that for switching between Power ON automatic and manual. ON and OFF delays can be set separately for alarms 1, 2, and 3.

Always read and heed the information provided in all safety precautions. Replace the Temperature Controller and all other Temperature Con- trollers purchased in the same time period. Timing Status Meaning Countermeasures Foreign particles Install the product in a location that is not subject to liquid or foreign particles entering the product. Connect the power supply.

The following notation is used. Take measures in the overall system to prevent excessive temper- ature increase and to prevent fire from spreading. HS Alarm 1 Alarm 1 must be assigned.

The MV at stop takes priority when stopped and the manual MV takes pri- ority in manual mode.

PageAlarm 1 latch: Setting a negative value produces an overlapping band. Setting Output Specifications Section Operating Procedure The following example sets the following control and alarm assignments.