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2 Qualifying criteria Introduction Qualifying criteria Our logo is a registered trademark. Any organisation that wishes to refer to Drinkaware, or the Drinkaware . Drinkaware logo vector. Download free Drinkaware vector logo and icons in AI, EPS, CDR, SVG, PNG formats. drinkaware-logo. Testimonials.. Dec Mr Price – Mazda Owner. As always, the work was carried out in a professional and friendly.

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Using the Drinkaware logo

Brand Guidelines October 4, 2 Welcome! Being safe on the road. Specific logo guidance, along with different colours and variations of the logo are available by ing: These elements are designed to convey.

Million Hearts brings together More information. Resolution should be set at 72ppi and RGB colour mode. Drinkaware Crew Supporting the welfare and wellbeing of young people at your venue Bar and venue staff training E-learning course to train bar and venue staff on alcohol vulnerability Drinkaware at Work Helping your employees make better choices about their drinking. We will only enter into a Trademark Licence Agreement with organisations that: Brand help and reviews: Design a banner More information.

When working with EPS, the minimum size is sufficient due to the editable nature of the format. Drinkaware expects its licence holders to use the logo in compliance with the law and voluntary codes. The Cumberland logo s proportions should never be altered.


What Drinkaware web address and long strapline, for the facts about alcohol. Further information on Drinkaware: Please call if you see the Drinkaware logo being used inappropriately.

Promotions that encourage consumption above the government s drinking guidelines Imagery or materials that promote the desirability or acceptability of drunkenness Lobbying materials to change alcohol policy. Equivalent 6 ice creams.

It is important More information. Radio script Please include one of these phrases: Worried about someone else’s drinking. Drinkaware is an independent charity working to reduce alcohol misuse and harm in the UK.

Drink Aware Logo – Create Ts & Cs

When The subject is the effects of alcohol on health and wellbeing, risks associated with alcohol consumption above the government s guidelines, general alcohol awareness. Positioning of the logo Wherever suits you but the exclusion should be observed so that the logo stands out and is easy for the consumer to read. How can we help you today? Minimum Drinkawage and Clear Space b.

Drinkaware Logo Vector

The Drinkaware logo is a prompt for consumers and is not intended to endorse products or brands in any way. The Rrinkaware Networks logo consists of five elements: These standards More information. Read the PHE evidence review in full here.

As such, any organisation that would like to use the Drinkaware logo must obtain prior consent from us by entering into a Trademark Licence Agreement. It also prevents the Drinkaware logo from being placed too close to the edge of printed materials, websites or merchandise. Symantec Identity Guidelines Contents The Symantec Identity Guidelines explain how to consistently and effectively apply the most visual elements of the Symantec brand.


Attributes who we are and what we do Using the Drinkaware logo Drinkaware is the most recognised source of trusted alcohol information in Ireland. Brand identity guidelines Brand identity guidelines Version 1. Why The shorter strapline is sufficient when displayed in contex of alcohol.

It s now represented by the Pearson name inside a bar and we ve removed the arc.

Promotions that encourage consumption above the HSE low-risk guidelines for alcohol consumption Imagery or materials that promote the desirability or drnikaware of drunkenness Lobbying materials to change alcohol policy Drinkaware expects its licence holders to use the logo in compliance drinaware the law and voluntary codes.

Where to Start A great logo should identify your organisation, help define your culture or ethos, promote your brand and develop loyalty from your customers. Option 2 For labelling purposes only we can supply a shortened version of the logo with just the URL.