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Before you can protect the lives of others, you have to protect yourself. The Dräger PSS® SCBA breathing apparatus provides unmatched comfort. Developed by professionals for professionals, the. Dräger PSS® breathing apparatus is a major milestone in our continuing development of breathing. Draeger PSS SCBA – Developed by professionals for professionals, the Draeger PSS breathing apparatus is a major milestone in our continuing.

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Always within the field of view the head up display allows So we developed individual service solutions which are tailored to meet your requirements. Designed especially for tough missions: Exchange times can be reduced from minutes to seconds which can make all the difference in an emergency situation.

The pressure seal locks the cylinder to the SCBA while the system is pressurized. The hoses are routed with up to two per side within the channels, allowing the PSS to be configured to the users preference. Excellent voice quality is Incorporating several safety features for safe and assured operation. With a trusted backlit pneumatic style transmitting gauge, the Sentinel increases personal safety because it: This not only creates a balanced weight distribution, but also provides maximum component protection.

Drager PSS with Bodyguard

An electronic gauge provides real-time monitoring of essential information, including: The right choice for every department. Versatile integrated hose routing To minimize the risk of snagging and to protect against physical damage, both gauge and air supply hoses are run through integrated ;ss in the PSS backplate. Our modular Sentinel electronic monitoring systems provide you with options to satisfy the needs of any department. Closed, single piece harness and waist pad design to prevent excessive water absorption, reducing cleaning and drying time.

  ASTM D5712 PDF

Height-adjustable carrying system The PSS has been designed for maximum comfort and stability during use in harsh fire fighting environments. Sends a wakeup signal to the paired PASS device and HUD when the cylinder is opened, ensuring that the system is ready before you enter a hazardous zone Includes a configurable alarm that alerts you when absorbed temperatures reach a critical level Draws attention to a firefighter in distress by generating distinctive visual and audible alert ppss Decreases snagging hazards by reducing the draget for additional cables or wires.

Incorporating a centralized power supply and pressure sensor module within the backplate, the robust system combines maximum component protection with balanced weight distribution for reduced physical stress.

Get a Quote Today! In addition to the standard features of the PSSit is also possible to add: A slide-and-lock harness mechanism allows the harness and waist belt to be connected or removed from the backplate quickly—without tools.

PSS 7000 BG 7000 T SCS

A PASS device Visual and audible warnings and psx A streamlined design that reduces snag points Intuitive push-button operation for ease of use Configurable settings to suit individual preferences Data logging for improved post-incident analysis. To minimize the risk of snagging and to protect against physical damage, both gauge and air supply hoses are run through integrated channels in the PSS backplate.


We have one word for it: Both the Tx gauge and Bodyguard PASS devices incorporate datalogging capabilities for downloading incident history.

To minimize the risk drger snagging or damage, supply hoses are integrated neatly into the backplate. Service friendly, low maintenance To keep both downtime and costs to a minimum during service and maintenance, the PSS incorporates a number of unique design features: To reduce back strain, the weight of the harness is designed to ride on your hips.

With Quick-Connect, a cylinder can be securely attached to the reducer with a simple push down action. The injector-free warning whistle located in the gauge cover is well protected from dirt and very robust.

Dräger PSS® SCBA (NFPA Edition)

Thanks to its enhanced ergonomics draager the Combining comfort with exceptional pneumatic performance, it is designed Complete, state-of-the-art personal safety system solution Highlights include: Product Information Benefits Literature. This platform informs you 0700 what matters in respiratory protection, how to select the correct solution for a given application and how to use and maintain the devices correctly.

The material is easy to clean and disinfect, and is highly resistant to chemical and mechanical damage. Cooling channels in the shoulder straps and waist belt reduce the likelihood of compression burns.