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Book Three in the Draco Trilogy, written by Cassandra Clare– “The sequel to Draco Sinister, featuring winter at Hogwarts, snogging, Quidditch, mysterious. Draco Dormiens. Part One of the Draco Trilogy. Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various. Draco Veritas is the last novel in Cassandra Claire’s The Draco Trilogy. .. Draco Veritas by Cassandra Clare, 10 September Archived.

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The Cassandra Claire Plagiarism Debacle

Yes, I know when it comes from a fic all the characters are just based ON the original story, and maybe I hated her because she’s one of my favorite characters in the series so it was difficult to deal with this new and problematic Hermione. Well, as depicted here he’s sophisticated, snarky, fashion-conscious, strong, bright and sharp. Hermione has always been the character of the main three who was most perceptive to emotions.

Since the launch of Cassandra Claire’s profic career, the stories have been taken down, although it is possible to find them circulating by email and file sharing sites, and has even been reuploaded in the form of a blog.

I mean, if fanfiction is not for profit and it is all about taking someone else’s characters and world and using them to tell stories, is it so wrong to use snarky one-liners from other works and put them in your characters’ mouths? Which doesn’t mean, that Harry is neglected. Unfortunately, Malcolm Braddock caught Ron and his mysterious girlfriend in bed. I can’t wait to read your novel, and see you move on to bigger and better things, because you are truly amazing.

During a Potions class, there’s a weird accident with Polyjuice Potion and Harry and Draco become indefinitely bodyswapped. Lists with This Book.


It’s an unavoidable responsibility. They are best friends and they are like Simon and Clary, no matter what happens, they love each draxo but not like that. It’s time for HP fandom to put up or shut up: Even worse is the idea of her being with Draco.

I have two main disappoints with this novel apart from the editing business: Open Preview See a Problem?

I’m a big fan of fanfics but after seeing the reviews and finding out about the whole plagiarism thing, I think I will pass. So everything that happened later, is not included since Cassnadra Clare didn’t even know it was going to happen.

Heidi WayBack machine link Epilogue: Nov 23, Marwa marked it as will-never-read. Towards the end, I actually did believe that Hermione was struggling with her feeling for both boys, and it was sweet to see the way that the boys’ adventure had made them into better people. It is set during Harry’s sixth year, and begins when unforeseen consequences with Polyjuice Potion in Potions class cause Harry and Draco to become indefinitely body-swapped.

Draco Dormiens

Super weird and I’m not sure how I feel about it cassanrra Also, the storyline seems unbe I seriously hope that all those comments saying this is probably the best Harry Potter casandra on the Internet are not true, because I found this story awful. Well, what can I say. I can’t any more than that without giving the plot away. Nov 29, Angela Randall rated it really liked it Shelves: Harry Potter External Links: I enjoyed this fanfiction a lot, despite the plagiarism controversy around it.

Yes, I was stupid to forget to cite them, and I am sorry that I did, and that in the ensuing years, I didn’t go back and reread the fic and realise it at some point along the way But if you do that, is it so much wronger to use a few descriptive passages from other works? The plotting is tight and fast-paced and it never feels like fluff.


We think maybe fics were lost. This really brings me back to waaaay early on in or so, back when I actually read fanfiction. As someone who has plenty of reason to dislike CC, I should not be in the position of having to defend her by pointing out that half the things people say about her are complete bullshit.

Get me out of here.

The Draco Trilogy (Fanfic) – TV Tropes

Written for Christmas and updated with a new cookie for Christmas And yet here I am, because really, Tumblr, draci can all do so much veritaa better than this. Anyone using “fanfic is plagiarism” as a defence is either really, really naive or hopelessly stupid. Mar 08, Ana Rigby rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Unlike the TV quotes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other shows, which were usually altered very little from their original form, Cassandra Claire’s repeated borrowing from classic fantasy authors like Roger ZelaznyTanith Lee, Gene Wolfe and Pamela Dean was both more extensive, and harder to pick up on, as descriptive passages and particular turns of phrase were inserted subtly into paragraphs of Cassandra Claire’s own work.

It only cassanxra online in its entirety for about two weeks before Clare took down her fanfiction in order to embark on her profic career.