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“It is good to have this fascinating little chronicle, which gives a lively firsthand account of Florentine history in the lifetime of Dante and Giotto, in a readable and . Dino Campagni’s classic chronicle gives a detailed account of a crucial period in the history of Florence, beginning about and ending in the first decade of. 2. CHRONICLE OF DINO COMPAGNI from God, who rules and governs throughout all ages. i. I.e. the division of the Guelf party in Florence into the Whites and.

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Whereupon he con- fessed that he had received a false deposition in favour of M. But I have begun thus in order to open the way to under- stand the origin in Florence of the accursed parties of the Guelfs and Ghibellines. They were, in any case, bound by law to give a strict account of their administration at the end of their term of office. It will be noticed that the della Tosa or Tosinghi family was divided ; but most of them held with the Cerchi see next chapter.

Mucciatto Franzesi, a very crafty knight 2small in person, but of great ability, well understood the craftiness of the words which were spoken to the Prince ; but since he, too, had been bribed, he confirmed what Charles was told by the sowers of strife 3who were about him daily. From this time the term nobles or magnates acquired a statutory meaning, viz.

Understanding the history of Florence through primary texts

Manetto Scali and his kinsmen, because they were related to forence Cerchi ; M. If you want compaghi facts about how many pounds of meat were required to feed the populace, or how many children were in school when the author was alive, this is a great book. And when the notary began to fear whether the records he had lent might not have chrlnicle tampered with, he dis- covered the erasure, and accused them both.

Buonaccorso degli Adimari, a Guelf, powerful on account of his connections and rich in estates, had increased in arrogance, and, heedless of his party’s blame, had married his son — a knight named M.


Genevieve rated it really liked it Apr 25, There was presented to the commonwealth a very fine and strong lion, the which was in a den in the piazza of San Giovanni. The Magistrates were entitled to a portion of the fines imposed.

He styled himself King of Sicily and Apulia i. Amadore Cavalcanti, a dishonourable man, who had been sent there as Compani, broke a law of the Pistojans, which was that their Elders 2 should be chosen from both their parties, namely, the Blacks and the Whites. And some young men of the Cerchi family, being de- tained on a matter of suretyship in the courtyard of the Podesta’s palace, as is the custom 4a black pudding made of pork was set before them, of which those who ate had a dangerous sickness, and some died of it ; on which account there cgronicle a great stir in the city, for they were much beloved.

Then the Cardinal’s aim was clearly revealed ; I mean, that the peace he sought was for the purpose of humbling the party of the Cerchi and of exalt- ing the party of the Donati. Rinaldo de’ Bostoli, one of the Aretine exiles, agreed with them.

Dino Compagni – Wikipedia

But this distinction had but little bearing on practical politics. Paperbackpages.

I got knowledge of the conspiracy, my suspicions having been aroused by the conspirators concerting the law without their colleagues. When their decision was known among the Florentines, the captains and those that had control of the war held a council in the church chronicoe S. Jacopo Guatani 5a kinsman of the Pope, and of certain of the Colonna 6to beg most urgently that the Pope would apply a remedy, since the Guelf party was perishing in Florence, and the Cerchi were favouring the Ghibellines.

Dino Compagni’s Chronicle of Florence

And in florrence manner they said of the lawyers: Corso, believing he would be followed by the Cerchi, whom he meant to lead into the fray. Weiblingen was the name of a castle in Franconia, whence Conrad the Salic Emperor, came, the progenitor, through the female line of the Swabian Emperors. This post was inspired by our visit to the chroincle Casa di Dante, where they had editions of the Chronicles of Villani and Compagni.


Hence ensued in the third war of the Florentines in Tuscany 5.

Rosso, their kinsman, because they had been deprived of their honours 5 by him. Dino thus indicates the effect actually produced by the Pope’s policy. And now we will return to the events of our own time. Baldo Aguglioni see above, I. Meanwhile in Florence new Priors were elected almost unanimously by both parties. He having recently been chosen as one of the Priors, who entered on their office on February 15, 2had constituted himself head and leader of the movement, and was supported by the popolani and by his colleagues.

Ubaldino Malavolti, a Bolognese doctor of laws 6a man full of cavils, who had halted on the way to lay claim to certain rights over a fortress which the Florentines were holding, but which he said belonged to him ; and he delayed his companions’ journey to such an extent that they did not arrive in time 7.

At length, however, they all consented to take over the fortresses, but not in order to dismantle them 4 ; and they agreed to empower Dino Compagni, because he was a good and wise man 5to act in the matter as he might think fit. The Donati and the Cerchi being seated opposite one another those who were not knights being on the groundone of them, either to rearrange his dress, or for some other purpose, stood up.

It will be observed that the events of this latter part of the chapter are earlier in time than those of the former part. The citizens of Florence, florenxe thus divided, one began to defame another 1 by making false state- ments [both] in the neighbouring cities and in the Roman Court to Pope Boniface.

The word is trans- lated ” outlawed” just before.