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Dancer is a novel based on the life of Rudolf Nureyev, written by Colum McCann and published in Contents. 1 Background; 2 Plot and structure; 3 Critical. Novelist Colum McCann’s Dancer is the erotically charged story of the Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev as told through the cast of those who knew him: there is. From the acclaimed author of This Side of Brightness, the epic life and times of Rudolf Nureyev, reimagined in a dazzlingly inventive masterpiece-published to.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Each episode had a message, none were superfluous. Along with Margot Fonteyn, his most famous partner, he was dogged by the paparazzi and obsessed over by critics and gossip columnists. Retrieved from ” https: I was immediately enthralled by his life — the charm of it, the recklessness, the beauty, the ruin. Terry Teachout’s review in the Baltimore Sun described the book as “an engrossing portrait” and said that its portrayal of Nureyev was “entirely convincing”; Teachout also praised the detailed research that McCann had undertaken to make the many different aspects of the story entirely authentic in their portrayals.

It’s not for the faint of heart at times—it’s written in multiple points of view that one must keep close track— not for those who would fail to look death and sex straight in the eye. His personality was believable.

And so I began reading everything I could lay my hands on. I wanted to be fairly true to Nureyev himself.

I am not sure I would have liked or cared for the dancer himself but I certainly appreciate his art and how hard he worked for the love of dance. May 21, Michael rated it it was amazing. Other writers create new things: It might not be love at all, but the projection of my feelings on a leader or a guide coluk can show me how to live an artful life.

In Colum was named Esquire magazine’s “Writer of the Year. It goes back to the notion that you always fail. He is born out of violence and brought up during wartime.


I found neither the sex nor his final illness too explicit; I felt the electricity in the air, the mccann pace, his fight for perfection in his dance and the sensuality of ballet. By the time you’ve finished reading what they say and see and do, you feel as if each of them has personally handed over their very being for you to carry around with you for the rest of your life.

You can do anything and have anyone. Dancer is a novel based on the life of Rudolf Nureyevwritten by Colum McCann and published in For example, Rudi had three sisters. Boyle or Homer and Langley by E. Colum McCann actually wrote an entire chapter without a period!

Dancer (novel) – Wikipedia

And so, from that moment, I decided to try to write about him…or rather write about him by writing about others. There is sex and drugs aplenty. Lisa Allardice, writing in the Daily Telegraphfound Dancer too long and “unchoreographed in places”, but praised it for its imaginative detail, its effective and absorbing writing style, and its success in capturing the spirit of its subject.

Colum McCann’s Dancer is a thinly fictionalized biography of the great Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev, narrated by dozens of different people some real, some fictional who knew Nureyev at various points in his life.

Practically every other line or description is something you’d want to highlight or write down just so you could read it a thousand more times. All of them are new to me except Suzanne Toren who did a great job narrating Ex Libris: Its salty, sometimes shocking prose stalks its subject with an almost preda tory focus, and any reader with a reasonable knowledge of Nureyev’s life will follow in its tracks with serious pleasure.

Why did I do it? Her voice was too sweet, too childish!

At one stage, early on in the process of writing the novel, I wanted to tell the story from the point of view of hundreds of different characters — it seems crazy now — each one different and never repeating.


Rudy’s life is shown here from the perspective of so many people, who knew cilum. Who owns a story?

Dancer Interview – Colum McCann

And to his ultimate fall, his love affairs which brings him to his deathbed in Aids. Retrieved 4 October He was actively persecuted by the Soviet government for most of his adult life. McCann’s aim is not to discount the glamorous nature of his subject but to construct it through the eyes and voices of those whose lives were burned or illuminated as he scorched his way towards fame.

By the mids he has outgrown life in the tiny Soviet town of Ufa, his unfailing determination to perform against the stern wishes of his father driving him into the wider world. A relationship with New York gay hustler Victor Pareci allows Rudi to indulge his wildest impulses, but his brashness and self-absorption are tempered when he journeys back to his homeland in in the touching conclusion.

First hardcover edition Some of the details of his life were correct I cannot get enough of his writing. Is she my favorite narrator?

This book is alive with the pulsing passion of the best of ballet. Injured soldiers were being cared for by women. McCann mixes first and third person narrative passages very effectivel 1. We see how this impac This is fiction, but based on the true life events of the famed Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev There are passages in Dancer where McCann’s relentless focus on Nureyev’s aims and ambitions, and his reliance on other characters’ views, can be an unsympathetic strategy.

Dancer Interview

There were many times it took me pages to figure out who was telling the story. It’s glimpses out to the real world and they are shown through out the book.

Dancer is neither a biography of Nureyev nor does it quite stand as an independent novel.