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Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, by Chögyam Trungpa is a book addressing many common pitfalls of self-deception in seeking spirituality, which the. Spiritual materialism is a phrase originally coined by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche that he used to describe the grasping after material accomplishment within. Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism. By Chögyam Trungpa. If Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche had written no more than the title of this book, it would have been.

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But materialiism the myth is false, a huge hoax, a gigantic fraud, and it is the root of Introduction 9 our suffering. Initiation 55 It is not a matter of finding a wise guru from whom we can buy or steal wisdom.

This is a useful message.

Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism by Chögyam Trungpa

We could look at it in two different ways. Apr 22, Roy Lotz rated it liked it Shelves: Does it matter what situation you find yourself in? In meditation practice we clear away the Introduction 5 confusion of ego in order to glimpse the awakened state. The journey to India was at that time and until fairly recently a long and dangerous one, and Marpa’s family and elders tried to dissuade him from The Guru 33 it. It’s the kind of book I want to reread as soon as I finish.

The evaluation comes from the fear of being separated, which is just what keeps us separated. If you live, you survive for him and are insignificant. If Introduction 7 a world of nameable things exists, then “I” as one of the name- able things exists as well. He seems more concerned with culling the herd and establishing single-minded devotion than with maintaining the well-being or cultivating the success of his students as they select their own path.


This book will kick most every seeker in the teeth more than once before the book is finished. In becoming dead and respectable, a subject for conscientious autopsies and gleeful post-postmortems, Western Philosophy has inured itself from the kind of chicanery which inevitably arises within, and which can be used to easily discredit, a tradition which claims to offer real spiritual benefit to the individual.

I was just drawn in, and discovered to my delight that rereading this book was an entirely different experience.

Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

Once you begin, better to finish it. Although the Bud- dhist way is not spiritua, it does not contradict the theistic dis- ciplines. So both sides would be creating a situation of open communication, which is the fundamental meaning of “the meeting of the two minds. But at some stage in this sort of situation something tends to go wrong.

Full text of “Cutting Through Spiritual (PDFy mirror)”

In other words, the guide does not walk ahead of you, but walks with you. Soon Marpa began to feel uneasy about his friend, who seemed more and more inquisitive to discover what teachings Marpa had collected. You might just own a tiny little castle, but the scope of your pro- ccutting could extend to cover the entire earth.

His teaching was sound and open. It has been said in the Tantric tradition that you do not see the face of the guru, but you see the expression of his face all the time.

It is not as simple and easy as we might think. And yet, having gone through all this, there is still something to give up. That is a big question. The universal tendency, he shows, is to see spirituality as a process of self-improvement—the impulse to develop and refine the uctting when the ego is, by nature, essentially empty.


You might find this kind of treatment a bit too violent and painful, but then you begin to realize how much real communication — being in touch with life — costs. He was also trained in the Nyingma tradition, the oldest of the four schools, and was an adherent of the rimay or “non-sectarian” movement within Tibetan Buddhism, which aspired to bring together and make available all the valuable teachings of the different schools, free of sectarian rivalry.

But somehow there are too many and we do not know which suggestion to take. We modify our environment, manipulating the material world and bringing it under our control, in order to create a perfectly comfortable world that never challenges or disappoints us.

I hadn’t been too thrilled about some of Trungpa’s other trungppa but this one msterialism impressive. They try to win people over by coming on very strong and frantic, as though they were com- pletely pure and good.

Many books provide comfort or guidance, this one is like a mirror and what you see in it depends on how much you are willing to see Of course Marpa is an example of the possibilities open to us.

This ap- proach is called materalism the guru. How- ever, such rationalizing is not easy to deal with because every- thing is seen through the filter of ego’s philosophy and logic, making all appear neat, precise and very logical.

One discovers a different way of being. We simply have to let ourselves be. I highly recommend it to anyone considering Buddhism.