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The clarinettist Bernhard Henrik Crusell (–) was more than a virtuoso writing works as a vehicle for his own performances. His compositions are today . Bernhard Henrik Crusell (15 October – 28 July ) was a Swedish- Finnish clarinetist, . Clarinet Concerto in E-flat major, Op. 1. Movements: Allegro . Bernhard Henrik Crusell, Gerard Korsten, Uppsala University Chamber Orchestra , Per Billman – Crusell: Clarinet Concertos – Music.

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The review of the Hamburg concert in the Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung was positive. Dies war auch der Fall bei den Konzerten Opp.

Oktober in Nystad in Finnland geboren. In his little town of birth there was only one person who had an active interest in music: Hyperion offers both CDs, and downloads in a number of formats. Despite the return to F crusrll, the final Rondo: Er trat der schwedischen Gotischen Gesellschaft bei und vertonte die Gedichte vieler eminenter Literaten, die er dort kennenlernte.

Clarinet Concerto No.3, Op.11 (Crusell, Bernhard Henrik)

This friendship encouraged and enabled him to undertake a trip to Paris in After the turn of the century Crusell followed their leads but limited his upper range, as did Clarineet, to G in alt. Crusell provides a written-out cadenza for this movement, whereas in Op 1 he gives neither cadenza nor cadence point. Later that month he visited a benefactor in Leipzig, and in July he purchased a new instrument from Heinrich Grenser in Dresden. Inafter Jakob completed his apprenticeship, he moved to Uusikaupunki and married Helena Ylander, but she died about one year later.


In Wallenstjerna transferred to Stockholm and Crusell went with him. Sveaborg was a Swedish fortress built on six islands just off the coast of Helsinki. On this recording the cadenza just before the reprise, and the subsequent ornamentations, are by Alun Francis.

Le dernier mouvement est une forme rondo-sonate, cette fois clarinte le plus pur style de la polacca. Wallenstjerna, impressed with Crusell’s playing, recruited him as a volunteer member of the Sveaborg military band and gave him a place to live with his own family. In his final years in a letter to Runeberg he called himself a “finsk landsman” a Finn.

Bernhard Crusell – Wikipedia

The style established by Mozart and Haydn was first transformed by Beethoven and then considerably released from its fetters by the early romantics. The educated officers of the fort had significant influence on the culture and politics of the city.

Jedoch gelang es ihm irgendwie, sich ein primitives Zweiklappeninstrument zu beschaffen, mit dem er eine recht ansehnliche Spieltechnik entwickelte. The exact composition date of Op 1 is not known.

Gustav IV Adolf of Swedenanxious to keep Crusell in the royal orchestra, denied a petition for an extension of leave and as a positive inducement made him chief conductor of the bodyguard regiment bands.

In he married Margaretha Messman. The conclusion of the first movement, in the tonic major, is closer to the spirit of Haydn; it certainly dispels any impression of personal-dramatic content. The final movement is in sonata-rondo form and in true polacca style. This time he got a beating for his disobedience, but as it was to no avail, they left him to his “craze”, confident that he would come back home as soon as the flute went silent There follows a rondo containing three episodes.


The first movement of Op 11 again has three themes.

In he was awarded a Gold Medal by the Swedish Academy and was inducted into the Order of Vasafor service to the state and society. However, with the arrival of the clarinet the drama becomes predominantly lyrical, despite wide leaps and virtuoso passage-work.

His translation of Mozart’s Le nozze di Figarofirst performed inresulted in his induction into the Geatish Societyan association of literary academics in Sweden.

In June Crusell made another trip to see Tausch in Berlin, and the two men discussed clarinets. His grandfather, Bernhard Kruselius had learned the trade of bookbinding in Turku and Stockholmthen settled in Pori where he fathered nine children, including Crusell’s father Jakob, who also became a bookbinder. His Grenser clarinet was an advanced design for the time, with eleven keys. If a CD is scheduled for re-issue within the next months, the message ‘To be reissued on …’ will replace the ‘Buy Archive CD’ button.

Crusell received an education at Sveaborg and excelled in music and languages.

Bernhard Crusell

He died in Stockholm. In many instances we will provide complete printed booklets, but please note that this is not always the case. The festival is dedicated to music for woodwind instruments. Seine Phrasierung ist tadellos und die Vielfalt, die er in einer erweiterten Sechzehntelpassage erreicht, ist wirklich bewundernswert.