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Conceptual Blockbusting has ratings and 30 reviews. James Adams’s unique approach to generating ideas and solving problems has captivated, inspired. James Adams’s unique approach to generating ideas and solving problems has captivated, inspired, and guided thousands of people from all walks of life. Outline of Conceptual Blockbusting, 4th ed. James L. Adams Published by Basic Books, New York, N.Y., Introduction Habitual thinking – don’t “think” about.

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Preview — Conceptual Blockbusting by James L. It is not too difficult in any large organization to find people whose job is to prevent mistakes. It provides practical steps for expanding your mind, teaches you to think about thinking, and helps you identify “conceptual blocks”. It is also important to be able to relax in the midst of problem-solving. A concept may be so contrary to the logical progress of the problem solution, precedent, or common intuition, that it may cause laughter.

Often times we just need to apply a different thinking strategy or language visual, mathematical, verbal, etc in order to see the problem in a different way and help get unstuck.

My full summary, including a description of all the blocks Adams describes and how to avoid them can be found here. Adams calls these obstacles conceptual blocks. These languages include verbal, visual, mathematical, sensory languages verbal and mathematical are usually the most developed, because of cultural bias.

Want to Read saving…. Adams teaches us to blockbuating about thinking in jmes same way that a golfer would think about his golf form. They include emotional blocks like the fear of taking a risk, no appetite for chaos, and judging rather than generating new ideas.

Conceptual blockbusting: a guide to better ideas – James L. Adams – Google Books

This is detrimental for two reasons. A conceptual block is anything that blocks someone from having a good idea. Trivia About Conceptual Blockb Techniques are will allow you to overcome these blocks Chapter 8: This was my second reading of it, about 25 years later.

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The books then takes on the hard task of making us realize what hinders our thinking ability. Alternate Thinking Language – This chapter stresses on alternating between a verbal, a mathematical and a visual approach to solving problems – One of the things you can do to enhance your seeing ability is to see things and then draw them – Visual imagery is both how sharp and filled the details are in your image and the second is control how well you can manipulate them Chapter 7: The Introduction to Process Notebook, also by Interaction Associates, summarized the situation as follows: It definitely has some interesting brain teasers and questions the way you formulate and solve problems.

Conceptual Blockbusting: A Guide to Better Ideas

A question is an admission that we do not know or understand something. However, he chose to focus on creativity in his book because he feels that, in the context of the group he is writing for Americans with at least a fairly decent educationcreativity is an underdeveloped skill compared to rationality and diligent hard work. There is also a set of techniques that can be used, along with the knowledge of conceptual blocks and thinking approaches, to be a more proficient problem solver.

They are the mental walls that block the problem solver from correctly perceiving a problem or conceiving its solution. In fact, Adams argues that it is similar to a muscle that can be exercised and strengthened. Jan 30, Laura Chapman rated it really liked it Shelves: The mind, therefore, depends heavily on structures, models, and stereotypes.


It would be nice to go back and review the conceptual blocks. It took too much time to finish the book, with long hiatuses. Practical steps for ex This is one of those books you’ll want to read once a year. Blockbustkng Blocks – Fear of Taking a Risk: In a sense, problem-solving is bringing order to chaos.

Quotes from Conceptual Blockb Identify “Conceptual blocks” You will start to realize all the conceptual “blocks” that are obstructing on your ideas. Tradition is preferable to change. We also benefit from using broad approaches that do not favor analysis over synthesis, convergence over divergence or deduction over induction. Once a label professor, housewife, conceptyal, chair, butterfly, automobile, laxative has been applied, people are less likely to notice the actual qualities or attributes of what is being labeled.

Conceptual Blockbusting: A Guide to Better Ideas by James L. Adams

Addison-Wesley- Concepts – pages. Obviously, when you produce and try to sell a creative idea you are taking a risk: Adams makes the claim that having good ideas does not require genius although that does not hurt. If you analyze or judge too early in the problem-solving process, you will reject many ideas.

Hence your complaints of unfruitfulness, for you reject too soon and discriminate too severely. Best part of the book is total absence of “get rich quick” stand. Jan 23, yoas rated it really liked it. Books by James L.

Incubation is important in problem-solving. Adams is concerned with the creation of ideas and concepts.