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Manuals and User Guides for Compaq Deskpro Series. We have 3 Compaq Deskpro Series manuals available for free PDF download: Maintenance. Aintenance, Ervice, Uide • Read online or download PDF • Compaq Deskpro User Manual. Compaq Deskpro User Manual • 3 changing the real-time clock (rtc) battery • Compaq Computers.

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Desktop Computer – Pentium-based System Board When reinstalling the riser brace, fully seat the riser board attached to the case into the system board socket to ensure complete electrical contact.

Compaq Deskpro 2000 User Manual

Because the Compaq Utilities are installed on a hidden partition on the hard drive, hard drive capacity will appear reduced when displayed by the computer. Do not remove the air duct from the front of the unit.

Cd-rom Drive Jumper Settings 7.

Removal And Replacement Preliminaries Tools And Software Requirements Remove the access panel Section 6. To facilitate reassembly, note the orientation of each cable connector and the routing of each cable before you remove it. Press Enter at the Welcome to Compaq Utilities screen. Cleaning The Keyboard Clean the mouse ball by first removing the retaining plate and the ball from the housing.


Mass Storage Options Open the computer and check to see that the drive not loaded. Page 60 For help on specific features provided by the Computer Setup, click Help.

To remove the speaker, complete the following steps: To remove an optional cache board, reverse the above procedure. To set a new password, move the E6 jumper back to pins 5 and 6, restart the computer, and reestablish your password through Security Management.

To remove, reverse the above procedure.

Spring 1 each 4. Lay the front bezel face down on a protected work surface and remove the two screws that secure the bezel blank to the front bezel. Fingerprint Identification Technology For help on specific features provided by the Computer Setup, click Help.


The following proper packaging and grounding precautions are necessary to prevent damage to electric components and accessories. Cache memory error processor cache. Cables Illustrated Parts Catalog Mass Storage Options Using network communications compaq deskpro family of personal computers 9 pages. Miscellaneous Hardware Kit Miscellaneous hardware kit. Replace the memory module as described in the in the preceding procedures.

Remove the protective strip from the replacement feet before installation. Setting Graphics Resolution When it does, it is necessary to clear the CMOS memory. Appendix C Hard Drives Enter text from picture: When servicing the computer, ensure that cables are placed in their proper locations during the reassembly process.


Power-on Self-test Messages 2.

Connector Pin Assignments This appendix contains the pin assignments for all external connectors: System Security The Pentium computer configurations are shipped with Windows 95 installed as the operating system. To install a new system board, reverse the above procedures.

Compaq Deskpro 2000 Maintenance & Service Manual

View System Information inspect To view information about the system once it has been configured. Intellisafe – Smart To upgrade the ROM, complete the following procedures: Power Switch Assembly Installing A New Drive To replace the 5.

No part of this guide may be photocopied or reproduced in any form without prior written consent from Compaq Computer Corporation. To replace the 3. Connects an external audio output device, such as powered speakers, or a cassette tape recorder. Pagevoltages, typical electrostatic, Warranty, Prefailure, Western Digital 2. To enable the power-on password, turn the computer off, then move the jumper plug from pins 6 and 7 to pins 5 and 6 and restart the computer.