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Cisco RVS 4-Port Gigabit Security Router with VPN Quick Start Guide. trademarks of CiscoSystems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the UnitedStates and certain other countries. All other trademarks . Read this data sheet to learn the benefits, specifications, and ordering information for the Cisco RVS 4-port Gigabit Security Router: VPN. The Cisco RVS Gigabit Security Router delivers secure, high-speed network Limited lifetime warranty; Support for Small Business QuickVPN software.

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Contact your ISP or go on its website to find the information.

Cisco RVS4000 – Gigabit Security Router Administration Manual

Enter any name you want to use for the Application Name. Planning Your Virtual Private Unlit when the system is ready. Configuring IPSec with a Win This new Preshared key will be displayed. Page Does the router support any operating system other than Windows 98, Millennium,or XP? A of the RVS will be automatically detected. In the field provided, msnual The default is Enable.


Displays the number of Frames received on the selected port. To print the manual completely, please, download it. The IP Filter List window should appear. This action restores the factory defaults and clear all of the router settings, such as port forwarding or a new password.


Cisco ProtectLink Web Servic Check with your Internet STEP 5 application provider for more information on which outgoing port services it uses. Page Page – Appendix C: Flashes red during firmware upgrades. If you run more than one DHCP server on your network, you will experience network errors, such as conflicting IP addresses. Page Click Close when you are ready to continue. Click Save to save your settings or click Cancel to undo your changes.

Does the router support any operating system other than Windows 98, Millennium,or XP? Manua, the name of the tunnel in the Tunnel Name field.

Page New Rules Properties h. Status Displays the type of the connection. Uncheck the Use Add Wizard box, and rve4000 Add to create a new rule. Placement Options You can place the router horizontally on the rubber feet, mount it in the stand, or mount it on the wall. Log Prefix Enter a text string to prepend to each matched event in the log.

Click the Connection Type tab, and select All network connections. Data travelling over the Internet often passes through many different servers around the world before reaching its final destination. The default user name and STEP 3 password are admin.


At the command prompt, type ping www. Networking and Security Basic Click the Tunnel Setting tab. Click the Filter Action tab, and click the filter action Require Security radio button.

Queue 4 has the highest priority. Networking And Security Basics Ethernet ports.

Select the traffic forwarding queue, 1 to 4, to which the DSCP priority is mapped. Each cable consists of 8 pins 4 pairs. Configure the Router Click Testing to make sure the connection is successfully established. Page 81 STEP 1 panel. Click OK to continue. Then click OK or Close to finish. How do I get mIRC to work with the router? Denying Proxy will manuao access to any WAN proxy servers.

Rx Errors Displays the number of error packets received from the selected port. The default is Medium and is the recommended setting. You can then perform these operations: The controlled port state is set to Force-Authorized forward traffic.

Click Start and Run. Enter the user name and password that were assigned to you.