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The Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations, (CCCR, ) under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA)) help. CCCR, – INTRODUCTION. Using the Health Canada Reference Manual for the. Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations, Requirements of. We are happy to see that more and more Canadian E-liquid Manufacturers (even some outside of Canada) are opting to follow the Consumer.

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Determination — necrosis and ulceration. The labelling takes the form of hazard symbols, warning statements, safety instructions and first aid statements.

Exception — child-resistant packaging. The product was packaged in a vial that, when broken, released the liquid which immediately vaporized to produce tears. All products classified as very toxic are prohibited from advertisement, sale or importation into Canada. An irritant effect involves tissue damage from minor to severe, but 201 of necrosis or ulceration. The purpose of the Regulations is to ensure that a consumer has the information at the time of purchase and use.

Although there are no case reports of aspiration, it has been induced in rats. This classification step is performed after examining human experience data with the chemical product and after assessing the presence of substances of special concern.

For example, if a product falls within the “toxic” sub-category via the oral route as well as the “harmful” sub-category via inhalation, then the product as a whole is classified as “toxic” that is, the more severe sub-categorybut both the warnings for the oral exposure toxic and the inhalation exposure harmful cvcr required. Data from OECD tests take precedence over results from other relevant test methods.

This test method grades skin reaction on a scale of 0 to 4, where 0 means no erythema and 4 means severe erythema beet red to scab formation eschar which prevents the grading of erythema. This approach gives Canadian consumers better health and safety information about the chemical products available to them.


CCCR & Health Canada Product Recalls | Dell Tech

The statement “If swallowed, call a Poison Control Centre or doctor immediately” is not required for products in which a liquid is absorbed onto a solid, semi-solid or fibrous material, as long as the liquid cannot be released from the substrate material with any reasonably foreseeable conditions of use or manipulation.

Children investigate several different ways of opening a container. In case of any discrepancy between this summary and the legislation, the legislation will prevail.

The prominent placement of the hazard symbol, signal word and primary hazard statement cccr the main display panel alerts consumers and ccvr increases the incidence of reading the more detailed precautionary labelling.

For example, a prohibited weapon includes:. Handle with extreme care. Various ingredients of several consumer products would be captured by the very toxic sub-category if sold in pure form. However, if words are used, the directions must be in both official languages that is, in English and French. Visual angles of 5 to 37 minutes are the recommended minimum for printed information and symbols.

A product must have reached the stage of production at which the plating-up of its label was completed and the plated-up label complied with the Cvcr. It lists the hazardous ingredients which is important when seeking medical help.

CCCR 2001 & Health Canada Product Recalls

Some degree of differentiation between levels of hazard is of use to emergency medical personnel and poison control centres. During product classification, the person responsible must consider all possible routes through which a consumer could be exposed — oral, dermal, eye contact and inhalation.

I can’t find what I’m looking for. The onus is on the “person responsible”, that is, the manufacturer or importer of the product, not the retailer. Helvetica, Gothic, Futura, Arial and Univers are examples of sans serif typefaces. Market history data collected from company toll-free lines, or complaint databases from manufacturers may be useful, however these types of data may be less reliable than 201 clinical cases collected from poison control centres or emergency wards in hospitals and clinics.


This category includes the sub-categories “very 200, “toxic” and “harmful”. During the label development, all sectors involved agreed that the regulations should prescribe mandatory warnings for the various hazard categories and sub-categories. In addition, certain products must be packaged in a child-resistant container.

Thus for these adhesives, there is an exemption to be able to use 4. Definition of mixture that separates.

Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations,

In an effort to simply this process for the industry, we do have a page that 20001 tell you exactly what is required and at what sizes they need to be. It very readily forms high vapour concentra-tions at room temperature. Once aspirated, small amounts of certain substances can ccrc injure the lung. After use, put rags in water or lay flat to dry, then discard. Wear [Insert description of the specific safety equipment relevant to the hazard, e. However, the specific hazard statements, negative and positive instructions and the first aid statements that are obscured must be presented on the card — this information may appear on the back of the card.

If swallowed, call a Poison Control Centre or doctor immediately. Ccccr among signal words.