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Upon completion of this course you will be able to route straight pipes or tubes, place parts, route flexible tubes, adjust the design of piping or tubing network. CATIA – Tubing Design 2 (TUB) creates and manages physical designs of tubing lines/systems using industry standard conventions, terminology, practices and. The CATIA V5 tubing application is definitely still going through some growing pains. I have had some exposure to piping design and seems to.

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March 20, Does anybody has to face this issue? I am hoping to catch up with some of you and exchange ideas and thoughts on the Tubing workbench. I have a question I didn’t hear anything concerning a future exploded mode support for cata, piping, Terms of Service – Privacy Policy – Contact.

I won’t tuhing alone to deploy it, some “business” resources will participate. March 2, March 15, Bye and see you. This makes it quite a bit easier to edit the whole process. I’ve got problems with flexible hose design. It is harder to set up as the “eguipment” workbench has ‘two’ sets of functional-physical mapping tables, one for general global and one just for tubing. Is there a EndUser Doc somewhere out there?

You can change this resource’s location to create new line IDs, but unless you are creating a customized project you will need to move your new line IDs to the original location and link them to your Line ID catalog before you can use them. May 31, I have set up everything, but it seems I am missing something.


Tubing Schematic to Design – TUE | Inceptra

I am heading down to Woodland Hills on Sunday for a class on Tubing implementaion. August 5, In production, our flex hoses are being designed using an alternative workbench; only useful for space allocation though because doesn’t reflect reality, but better than nothing. Configuration and installation concerns are also very problematic.

You don’t need to set up them if you don’t need catiz. Can you route a flexible in schematic driven mode?


CATScript on the flexible, It spits out the report, but without a length? Hope it 5v help you, Mark! I’m actually working on the feasibility study of such a deployment, and the task is huge. Do not hesitate to erase entries corresponding to workbenches you won’t use such as Waveguide, for exampleit will be much more readable.

Looks like they are taking their time working on this Tubing Workbench, but we will just have to make do with what we have. I place my equipments normal parts, no typing, only tubing connectors defined on them, no nominal size check possiblethen my clamps with Part tubijg, in spacethen I route my runs through them Someone from Boeing, Cessna, Airbus, We needed to have a way to show a hydraulic hose as a single part with a specific total length including hose ends.


I don’t remember why I chose to define an equipment support instead of a tubing support part type.

This all seems to be working fairly well for them at least in the design phase. We were successful in getting the Schematic Driven mode to work using their parts and details, it was definitely tough.

We have also found the lack of ability to manipulate the flexible run in an easy way a real hinderance as well. Boeing has agreements in place with Dassault that enable us to receive documentation and software before it is available to the general public so I am not able to provide any of their documents to non-Boeing people.

Anyway, I have an obscure question for you. Deeign new master part to Tub.

For dummy examples, suach as the one provided by DS, it’s ok, but let’s take a flareless common assembly So we had to use the superclasses that came with EquipmentSample. By this I mean, if the algorithm is good enough to avoid us doing trial installation of the hoses in the aircraft.

December 2, Tubing design came a long way and is now a fairly mature workbench which delivers significant advantages to the business, that is our humble opinion.