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Regulations revised during Publications Reengineering are available on the Regulations for Preview page for 30 days prior to their effective date. USAF-style uniform standards in the prior CAPM are re-stated to match the most uniforms are authorized for these members (reference CAPR ). All senior members must be screened in accordance with CAPM and undergo Cadet Protection Program Training (CPPT) before working with cadets.

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Manages and administers the CAP personnel program and associated administrative acpm to include: Supply matters 67 series. Initiate organization actions affecting their squadron charter redesignations, address changes, etc. Determine meeting dates and attendance requirements for squadron meetings in accordance with policies established by higher headquarters. Coordinate cadet staff activities.

Stage display booths and provide recruiting coverage at local high schools, shopping centers, air shows and other public cap. Participating in emergency services exercises.

Utilization and control of aircraft and equipment. Know directives applicable to professional development programs. The moral leadership officer is an individual active in and approved by their denomination or faith group. Evaluation of cadet program meetings. Coordinate airlift requirements with operations officer. Supervises and directs administration of the senior member programs in composite squadrons.


Recruiting and Retention

Ensure that aircraft are painted and identified in accordance with current directives. Place posters and other recruiting materials in strategic locations advertising local meeting times and places.

Assists the cadet commander and deputy commander in administering cadet squadron activities. Develop operational procedures for rapid alerting and assembling of SAR task force personnel. Proper wear of the CAP uniform. Usage of DOD real property 87 series. Coordinate wing disaster preparedness evaluations, training missions, cam exercises.

Supplies and equipment for unit missions or special activities. Analyze evaluation data for trends that indicate changes in the program or additional training needs for individual pilots.

Coordinate with external agencies for other ES training. This program does not have to be a big fancy plan and have a lot of paper involved. Coordinate wing SAR evaluations, training missions, and exercises.

Civil Air Patrol Job Description. – Union County Civil Air Patrol

Maintain unit training records. Assists the ES Officer in managing and directing disaster preparedness activities.


Advises on legal implications of CAP programs and activities subject to the constraints imposed by local law on the unauthorized practice of law to include: Indorse all negotiable instruments. Maintain an adequate stock of applicable forms. When a chaplain is not assigned, the MLO works under the direction of the unit commander and wing chaplain. Ensure that complaints and grievances are resolved fairly, impartially, and promptly. Coordinate communications plans and programs with other staff agencies and with subordinate and higher headquarters.

Monitor cadet staff compliance with Cadet Protection policies.

Transportation matters 76, 77 series. Develop training programs to ensure that highly qualified ES personnel are available for search and rescue, and disaster relief missions.

Perform related duties as required. Direct and perform accident investigations and prepare safety reports.