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Dr. Bujar Hisni Durmishi is born in in village of Sellca, municipality of Tetova. Elementary school and gymnasium he finished with a solid success in. Bujar H Durmishi, State University of Tetova, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Chemistry, Faculty Member. Studies Computer. View Dr. Bujar H. Durmishi’s professional profile and learn about their bio, experiences, skills, accolades, educational background and more.

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Bujar H Durmishi | State University of Tetova –

The h.durmmishi of carcinogenic trihalomethanes THMs in the process of water disinfection by chlorine has raised concerns in the scientific community as well as in the public opinion. Our study, represents a retrospective study, which was undertaken during 01 July — 31 Decemberin the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, at Clinical Hospital in Tetova. The results indicate that the seasonal variation is below the critical h.dkrmishi stipulated in the state, EU, and WHO regulations seasonal average It has been found that drinking water in the spring seas The parameters are measure in four samples-places in the period january-june and conclude about influence of pollution in the water Ecosystem such as about precaution stimate for his protectingly.

This paper presents the comparative aspects of the efficiency of three different teaching approaches on the acquisition of students’ knowledge and skills. From results we can summarize that the river water h.durmisui of first class for lot of parameters, which for moment present satisfactory ecologycal situation of the river water, that may be use for economical activity, for irrigation, for recreation and for swimming. h.durmoshi


Inhalation exposure to THMs from drinking water in south Taiwan. In this article we present the removal technologies for the THMs and their precursors. He was a member — and deputy president – of Commission for Passing the Professional State Exam h.dudmishi Chemistry for chemistry teacher organized from Ministry of Education and Sciences. The research was carried out with pupils of the second year of the gymnasium secondary schools in Macedonia.

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Showing of 36 references. Thus, their elimination and regular monitoring is imperative.

The physical, physical-chemical and chemical parameters determination of river water Shkumbini Pena. In conclusion, it can be inferred that the concentration of THMs in the drinking water of Tetova is not hazardous to human health.

Chlorination of natural organic matter: The isolated compounds are: It has been found that drinking water in the a The results indicate that the summer variation is below the critical values stipulated in the state, EU, and WHO regulations seasonal average Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. Fletore pune nga Kimia 7 more. Fletore pune nga Kimia 8, LogosA more. In one of the groups Control groupthe traditional teaching approach was used; in the second, simulation experiments were carried out Sim group ; and in the third group, real experiments were performed Real group.

Help Center Find new research papers in: This shows that the implementation of computer simulations and real experiments produced better results in understanding of this concepts and removing the misconceptions.


Disinfection of Drinking Water and Trihalomethanes : A Review

In aim h.durmiishi measure the gained knowledge, a conceptual test of knowledge was performed, and the test results were statistically processed.

In this article we are discuss the health risk imposed by THMs, considered toxic and possible carcinogenic as well as mutagenic to the human body. The research was carried out with Kimia 7, Albas more.

We recommend that the relevant municipal authorities make regular and proper amount disinfection of drinking water, as there is no compromise bumar can be made when it comes to the drinking water. In one of the groups, the traditional teaching method was used; in the second, there was a lecture in which virtual experiments were carried out; and in the third group, real experiments were executed.

His research fields are: According to the scanning electronic microscopy SEMthe infra-red IR and powder X-ray XRPD examinations, it was determined that examined trepel is composed mainly of opal of biogenetic origin as well as quartz, illite h.durmkshi hydromicas, feldspars plagioclases, feldsparsand chlorites of minor importance.