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Long ago, a lone little burro roamed the high cliffs of the Grand Canyon and touched the hearts of all who knew him: a grizzled old miner, a big-game hunter, . Brighty of the Grand Canyon has ratings and reviews. Bionic Jean said: Brighty of the Grand Canyon is a children’s novel from , written by. Brighty of the Grand Canyon by Marguerite Henry – A determined little burro earns the loyalty and affection of everyone he encounters in this classic story from.

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Brighty also made enemies of those who wanted to catch him and put him to work. After I started reading this, I realized I read this before when I was younger.

I recently spotted it at a library sale and purchased it for my neighbor’s little girl.

This is definitely a great animal story and I highly recommend it. I was very glad that I reread this book. It is loosely based on a real life donkey, who was first seen around brighry On the plus side, a child’s innate sense of justice will be s Marguerite Henry was one of my favorite authors when I was a girl, and I am happy to find I can enjoy her so much now that I am an adult.

Marguerite Henry April 13, November 26, was an American writer. Satisfied, he plunged on again, always traveling within sight and sound of the busy creek.


Brighty of the Grand Canyon Worksheets and Literature Unit

See full terms and conditions and this month’s choices. Unfortunately, the real-life Brighty did come come to a sad end, at the hand of some travellers in about It had a unique story line for a children’s book. Henry uses the historical facts and embellishes the story to create a murder mystery with some valuable lessons in natural history.

The youngster hence became the composite character Homer Hobbs,[5] played in the film by Dandy Curran in his second and last acting role. Also it was yrand on location – in the depths and on the brghty of the canyon. This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat A gem miner is murdered in the Grand Canyon, leaving behind his donkey cabyon.

Definitely would interest any child that is interested in horses, ponies and possibly donkeys or even a introductory book to the Grand Canyon for a family trip.

Although a “wild” burro, he forms friendships with some humans. She eventually wrote fifty-nine books, all based on true stories of horses and other animals, some of which won awards.

Brighty of the Grand Canyon by Marguerite Henry

They soon feel like lifelong friends. A Burro Did he exist? Open Preview See a Problem? Although I love the Grand Canyon and its history, both times I’ve tried reading the book, I’ve had to struggle to finish it. Jan 01, Sarah R rated it really liked it. He was gentle—children could ride endlessly on his back without his being provoked. The animal endures some perilous adventures before finding friendship with a prospector who finally strikes it rich.


In terms of style, Henry’s is easy and engaging.

We knew canyoon a twinkling that our Bob was the Homer Hobbs of your story. Jan 18, Charles rated it it was amazing. Brighty’s book received the William Allen White Award in The burro accompanied U. This spoke to me deeply. Long ago, a lone little burro roamed the high cliffs of the Grand Canyon and touched the hearts of all brightty knew him: Retrieved from ” https: Most of the events and people in Marguerite Henry’s novel were based on fact: Brighty of the Grand Canyon Hardcover Route 89 alternate route.

President Theodore Roosevelt while he hunted mountain lions. He got it for me because I loved horses but I owned a burro.

Jan 29, Judy Evenson rated it it was amazing. I love the Grand Canyon. But still, Brighty is adorable. Fo of the Grand Canyon by Marguerite Henry.